Thursday, July 3, 2008

You've One Life ....... Dream

Writing once again inside train. My last writing was based on the love that we find in our friends, wife and our family. That was inside the train (I think during my visit home last time with Jinu & Jayant after MBA got over)as well. Now I am just 5 hours before touching Mumbai and trying to gather some memories or rather thoughts that came and passed by during last 30 hours in this air conditioned coach of Konark Express. I met two new people. A mom and her daughter who is to do her MBA at Pune. I started interacting with them, quite unlike me, an introvert, thanks to her mom. A typical Gujju mother with a healthy coating of Oriya culture and understanding. I had to digest some of Gujarati dishes, with a typical mother’s signature. Both are nice (now, don’t ask my critical self to judge).

Whatever. Let me start with the new punch line that I have saved as the welcome message of my mobile. It reads “life is one f***ing dream”.  LOL. I really love it. Don’t know why. Just a thought which comes to my mind more than once every day. When I shifted to Bhubaneswar I was happy for many factors. Loved every bit of my stay there apart from chasing the dream to do MBA like a mad. Then MBA did happen and ended up coming to another capital. Spent first 3 months in Mumbai literally crying and next three months trying to console myself for my home, Dad, brother and someone who successfully brought tears inside and out of my heart, Mom. Then never realized how the next 12-15 months passed in a whiff and left some uncountable moments to cherish for the rest of the lifetime, thanks to friends I never met in my life before.  Got a job post MBA, and felt why MBA can not be stretched for another 2-3 years. I mean after those 18 months of unforgettable journey, the professional get up never were up to our taste, at least mine. Because apart from imparting a huge amount of outlook and a completely different perspective of looking at life, MBA also taught us what bonding and team spirit is and that made us remember each other so much after it. Then after joining the first job, was sceptical of the office, colleagues and atmosphere. Got two offers from other organizations within 3 months of joining, but the true Sagittarian from heart declined only because it was so much attached to the organization and people working there.

This was my first trip to home after my job. And now feeling why not to do a job in Orissa? I mean what exactly the heart wants. And the world is there to show the aspiration and desire. Life gives so many hopes and opportunities and still you find yourself on the losing side 9 out of 10 times. This makes me ask myself why we chase these never ending hopes day in & day out. A perfect life is in the fate of less than 1% crowd in India. Still we all try to be in that league. So I will never agree that "life is one empty dream". it is too damn f***ingly hard to chase but full of experiences that is going to last for the rest of our lifetime.

Life's Like That.

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