Saturday, March 7, 2009

HOPE......What next Oh!BAMA ?

When ‘hopes’ linger on, dreams continue to flow.

I wrote this line 3 years back when I was in the 2nd trimester of my MBA. For many reasons, I could not write much on ‘hope’, rather I started writing on dreams. And now I got more than just one reason to write on ‘hopes’, or rather on somebody who is the most ‘hope’ful person in this world.

"I'm talking about something more substantial. It's the hope of slaves sitting around a fire singing freedom songs; the hope of immigrants setting out for distant shores; the hope of a young naval lieutenant bravely patrolling the Mekong Delta; the hope of a millworker's son who dares to defy the odds; the hope of a skinny kid with a funny name who believes that America has a place for him, too. Hope in the face of difficulty. Hope in the face of uncertainty. The audacity of hope!"

These are just one of the many quotes by Mr. President, Barack Obama. Right from the beginning if his campaign till today he believes in giving hope to each American and the world. Actually we must also understand the fact that he took over the charge from somebody who has run USA in the most artificial way possible in the last decade. Secondly, he comes into power when the global economic turmoil is at its worst possible scenario and his own country is badly hit. What he did so far may not be the indicator of his future plans but the best part is his image still gives a feeling of positivity in American citizens. Unless Americans would not have shown much admiration for a black after so many years of their independence (though many other major factors were involved as well). I was happy to see Denzel Washington on the pre-sworn in address with Tom Hanks. Finally, something happened that was fitting to the occasion.

If we assess the accountability factor of Mr. Obama since he has entered the White House from an Indian perspective, it really has shown us little hope, but only so far. We can always hope for more and better from Mr. Obama, especially when Mrs. Clinton is on the board. I won’t count the other members in his cabinet whose names has some Indian connection as it would be an act of fooling ourselves. Senator Clinton still has strong relation with Chatwals and the other big NRIs. And the NRIs has always been supported Clinton & Co. When it comes to expectations from India's point of view, I believe there few issues but complex ones. To start with the economic downturn, the ever rising terrorism, bilateral relationship on diplomatic front and an alliance with long term mutual goals. Though these are vast issues having different dynamics attached to it, but so far Obama has assured his co-operation on all these fronts. But he has not been able to control one thing which everybody has predicted well before he was elected, that he might nor support the outsourcing issue. And now he has taken a decision that indirectly, but surely affects the huge outsourcing sector that has been the bread & butter for lacs of Indians now. He has made the tax options more stringent for those firms which are outsourcing, ending the previous tax benefits allowed to them. These actions will result in vast cost cutting in this economic condition.

One last thing that I believe Obama should also focus on this time is the long awaited topic of issue of Visas to foreign students. UK has always been attracting foreign students more than any other country due to its easier entry. Now Australia is emerging as the next best destination for studies amongst the students. US, which have some of the finest universities, is lagging behind. They got to make the process less complicated by modifying the regulations.

I am as 'hope'ful as ever, this time there's somebody to show them more...In such a time, hope is a very powerful attribute to hold specially when most people have lost theirs. It is something that has positivism attached to it and is a quick healer to myriad woes. 

P.S :- Well, I would like Jinu, the political expert, to add his comments on this post as his insights would make this this post complete.


Sanat said...

As an individual I always ask a question to myself, why do we give so much importance to USA? Yes they are powerful and has major significance in terms of world economy and things like that. But it seems as if we are simply waiting for Obama to take steps that is going to help us. Why cant we be finding any solution to the problems arising. We must find an alternative to outsourcing and to focus on our prime revenue earning sector like agriculture. Can't we find any business model in this sector that can employ the youth?

Obama comes with a lot of expectations but rather than following the policy of "wait & watch", we must move on.

This is what I believe.

souvagya said...

Thanks Subu (But I am not political expert). While calculating International students, it is always about Higher education students, and in that area America still ahead of other countries. Although the numbers are decreasing last few years due to strict regulation for visa & new student’s hub like Australia & Singapore, still Higher education is 5th largest Service sector in America & they give huge revenue to American economy.
Interesting to notice, be it America or India election revolves around one or two word. For India “Bofors, Ram Rajya, India Shinning” now for America “Hope”. Generally it is considered as Democrats are more inclined to India. But problem is now Obama is not a typical democrat. From his recent speech and activity one can assume, he is a person who like to decorate his house inside rather than spending how people will peruse about the house outside. A person who believes in simplicity may not be a good friend for country like us. Influence of Mrs Clinton is much limited. By deputing special secretary for China and not keeping secretary for South East Asia (Unlike all his predecessors) Obama has already given the indication. Message is clear, International friendship, big brother role etc will come later, for India if USA is losing money & job then they are going to take action.
This word “Globalization” for last 25-30 years is making headlines everywhere. In coming future you may find, developed countries will start asking question to developing countries like us. The core issue behind MNS’s activity in Mumbai few months back is somewhat related to this only. The raising power of regional parties in India is another example (Although other factors are contributing to this).
I also hope…..But not to happen

Lincey said...

I believe after the comments by the above people, there is not much to say apart from the fact that Mr. Obama exudes more positivity than the plastic Bush.

Subhajit said...

@ Sanat: I would say that on some issues we tend to follow the US way a lot. That we can curtail.

@ Jinu: Nice points. And as far as the Visa issue is concerned I think I gotta to recheck my facts.

@ Lincey: I Agree.

Thank you all for ur comments on my first post on international politics.