Saturday, March 28, 2009

One Fine Friday

Yesterday was a great day. I got some time off and I think I made the most of it. My usual Saturday night outs are now becoming monotonous after exploring all the places in this central suburb. Yesterday was Friday and I had my lunch at Inorbit, Vashi followed by a ‘Choco Mint’ at Costa Coffee. I love coffee, but was bored by going to CCD every time. So Costa Coffee was the result, the concept is same including the menu (they literally ripped of some names from CCD as well). The only differentiating factor was the music. And, here you have to place the order yourself at the counter and then they will serve you. In this case I prefer the traditional waiter-approach at CCD. After getting my order my table, my friend asked for extra sugar to a coffee-waiter. But he just nodded his head and went away; he did the same while I was placing the order. So I was almost ready to fire him next time. My friend called him again, I was ready, and so was my friend. He came and politely directed with a nice smile that another waiter will attend us as he can not hear! Oops… I felt bad, guilty and ashamed of my thoughts and anger. I mean he never showed any dissent at us but we assumed whatever we could. Then my usual self went into analytical mode. I asked myself is it correct to employ somebody who is deaf at such a place where the target crowd is intolerant of these human failings. Or have they taken a right decision and have sent a right message to others. He was a young, decent looking, energetic and chilled-out guy. He was serving with utmost ease. He was keeping himself as busy as others and you really can not make out that he just can’t hear. But the problem arises when the customer asks him anything, he has to rush back to his colleagues and send them to that particular table. It is going to happen not once but many a times that somebody will shout for his behavior and things might go wrong due to his communication. Or may be one day the management thinks they can’t be anymore tolerant and release him. What next for him? In India how many places like this and how many organizations come forward for people like him who are just like us minus one thing?

I can write on & on. But do not want to. Feeling bad for him but I do not sympathize. Coz he does not need that, he needs equal right and opportunity. Can remember his face now as well. And his expressions. And this world. Full of sounds, music, noises.



My evening was equally engaging as I went to Colaba after so long. I always felt places like Colaba and few others give you the reason why Mumbai is called city that never sleeps and the level of the crowd is completely different. I strolled the bylines from Kalaghoda to CafĂ© Leopold and for the first time found it so quiet and traffic-free (as yesterday was a state holiday). I shopped and then was in a real mood to visit either Leopold or Mondegar. Then thought of my resolution of only keeping these visits limited to Saturdays only. ;) 


yogini said...
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yogini said...

I really liked this post...its very true that in our anger smtimes to fail to understand the real meaning behind the situation and later we repend...

It is very important for us to first be patient in life..

Lincey said...

Kya baat hai. Aaj kal bahat observation ho rahe hain. Good Hai.

Nice thoughts anyways.

Shweta said...

Well Subhajit, i would rather perceive the situation other way. When the person in conernc (Waiter) was serving you, was playing an importat role of an "Employee" of coffee costa.. & an employee needs to be trained thoroughly before live work. A person, at workplace can not cross the "standard guidelines" (Of attending everyone & getting the service done) because of a deficiency. Its the responsibility of the employer to ensure this. Any Customer at ur place would have reacted the way YOU reacted. I too would have felt bad for sometime. However, practically you were right!! .. so jus chill & cheers!!!!!

Subhajit said...

First of all, welcome to my blog dear. Your comments hold true, but at the end of the day we are humans, so it gets tough.

Keep on provoking me to think about a different perspective all the time.