Thursday, March 5, 2009

We Want More...Hey You Suhel & Shobhaa

I would like to thank my roomie for provoking me to put this post. And secondly Ms. De has just replied to one of my comments on her blog. So her reply made my day and this post dedicated for her. 

We were watching CNN-IBN the other night when Sagarika Ghose was in discussion with Suhel Seth, Ravi Prasad (BJP) & Manish Tiwari (Congress). The topic was Political Ad Campaigns = Vote. When asked about Congress spending crores on Ads and BJP's 2004 'India Shining' campaign, Suhel's comment were so blunt and on the face that both the politicians started shouting on him and even asked why is not he contesting polls himself? Well, that was embarrassment at its utmost height. And this has not happened for the first time in Indian television. When academicians, executives and people like us ask questions on the credibility of any activity carried out by the politicians they always go on defensive and duck the question. 

I am writing this because a guy like me has been listening & reading to people like Suhel, Shobhaa De many other exeuctives and academicians for last 8 years in various channels and newspapers and now blogs and those 92 million people who has a cable connection at their home (I am not including DTH service). Now as the politicians keep on asking questions on the credibility of people like Suhel Seth or Shobhaa De and for the information for the people reading this post, here is what Suhel all about. Or for that matter I would say to those including my friends who think that people like Shobhaa or Suhel are more of a media-created speakers.

Professionally success came early to Suhel as an Adman at O&M he was involved in copywriting & marketing. In the year 1997 saw the birth of his brainchild Equus Advertising. Theatre is an abiding passion with him, with over a hundred stage performances under his belt. As is his love for the written word. Now he is the CEO of Counselage, the Delhi-based hot-to-trot brand and marketing consultancy. He writes for Outlook, The Telegraph and many other weeklies. He is a regular blogger at CNN-IBN and top news channels like NDTV 24*7 and Times Now ask for his comments on breaking news. Some say he is the most invited person in the country. From a dinner at an embassy or sharing the same table with the ex-national security advisor of India or for that matter political biggies like Advani or Manmohan Singh. Well if all these magazines, newspapaers & top channels are fools then all I can say is long live politicians and God save the ccuntry.

As far as Shobhaa De (mark that extra 'A') is concerned she is born to a Maharashtrian family having six children from two marriages. She is a graduate in Psychology from St. Xaviers, Mumbai and forayed into journalism in early 1970s. She founded and edited three magazines – StardustSociety, and Celebrity. Stardust is still running strong. In the 1980s, she contributed to the Sunday magazine section of the Times of India. An author of 15 novels including best sellers like Superstar India, Starry Nights, Spouse, Surviving Men, Second Thoughts, Sultry Days and many more. Right from a top name in the page 3 circuit of both Mumbai & Delhi to a woman associated a number of charities. She loves travelling and a known personality in the international media as well. She still continues to write for The Times of India editorials, Asian Age/Deccan Chrinicle & many more. She is now a regular blogger with a huge following. She is one of the finest Indian writers in English language. She is somebody who I believe has changed the way we look at issues and her perspective has always been free from bias. She raised voices on topics we never dared to discuss and she made her voice audible to people who matter.

These personalities came from pretty normal background as we do. But they have carved a niche for themselves in their own way and by their own capabilities without trying to be fussy. I and many like me also follow them not because they come in the television but they speak what they believe in, which we can relate to. People complain that these personalities are fake but they discuss about them. They dislike, yet they follow. Some admire them, some hate them as well, but all watch them.

Coz, at the end o' the day: THEY TALK SENSE...


Chiranjiit said...

Why blame the politicians? It’s we who are responsible for such sordid state of affairs in our country. It’s we who bring these politicians into power without even verifying their credibility. In fact it is this “ Chaltaa Hai ATTITUDE “ of ours that over the years has got itself ingrained so much into the very fabric of the nation that we are left with no choice but to face the current situation. We turn a blind eye to everything saying “Chaltaa hai na yaar!” Right from cheating in the exams to bribery ,from placating others to hurting others, we just do everything, and if a gutsy soul dares to stand against all this then sooner or later the mass drags him into this vicious circle of corruption, diplomacy, politics- sometimes unknowingly, more often unwantingly and forcibly. And if at all he overcomes all this then people say to him “ you are a very good soul you don’t belong to this era” or “ What is there in being a rebel-just enjoy your life” last but not the least he is branded crazy. The politicians in fact suffer from this same syndrome called “CHA” as such when criticized they either turn a poker face or ignore you but never accept their fault. Friends its high time we realize all this rather than blaming the politicians, the government machinery, the system. Let’s look into ourselves and like a soldier fight for any cause or issue that is very dear to our heart on our own. Let’s take the reigns of the nation in our hands in whatever big or small ways we can and last but not the least, let’s not an event of the magnitude of 26/11 be required to wake us all from our deep slumber. Only then we can take this nation towards a very bright future and secure the lives of those who have not even seen the first light of the world. Do we want them to leave in this world..or a much better world? The answer lies not with the politicians but with US. The good news is- the revolution has already begun, which is very evident from your post.

Lincey said...

I would say that it does not matter whether Mr. Seth or Ms. De is making some statement, as people may or may not know them that widely as the politicians. But the important factor is whenever people from a academic or corporate background speaks up, the politicians always ducks them. Even after 67 years as an independent nation we are not allowed to speak our mind in front of those who are in charge of actually listening to us and working for us.

On the first hand, I want to know who is Manish Tiwary and what makes him eligible enough to ask others such question?

Sanat said...

Of late I am into the current affairs. Your blog is helping in that regard.

Keep on posting such nice ones...