Monday, August 31, 2009

The Third Page of Mumbai...

Page 3. Sounds so glamorous. But just go back 10 years and you will find almost nothing. I wont talk about any gray side of this new and ever growing culture but rather I will write on we have become a part of it and it has become a part of our lives.

We can start from fashion. Today atleast a guy doing engineering or MBA knows who is Manish Malhotra or a Neeta Lulla. They know them thanks to the coverage by media in both its formats, thanks to the Page 3 gatherings. Their curiosity and interest to know these also matters. Page 3 has become a platform where socialites from different walks & corners of life are meeting to discuss and exchange many ideas than just having some good time with a glass of Ch√Ęteau de Villeneuve in their hand. The days are gone when only stars from movie industry were found on the guest list of a page 3 party. Now things are changed, for the venue to the menu and most importantly the kind of people on the guest list. Now one finds a party by Tarun Tahiliani or Vikram Phadnis celebrating the success of their fall winter collection at a gathering. At the end of the day it makes a person like me & many others to know what fashion is and what exactly is the time when a fall winter collection comes out.

Theatre personality and Ad gurus like Alyque Padamsee or Prasoon Joshi are regulars at Page 3 nights. They do not drop in a party because they will get some limelight as they do not need it anymore but they can share ideas, thoughts and meet new people from the same and different fields. Still we do not find the biggies (from the Ad world) like Piyush or Prahlad very often. They still are engrossed in their world of Ads so much. Even many ad campaigns do start off  from such page 3 parties.

People like Vijay Mallya, A.D. Singh or Gautam Singhania among many others who has been organising these gatherings from a time when this culture was even existing there. They were labeled as casanovas or debonairs, but they simply gave a damn. Now each electronic and print media house are running around these places for news/sound bytes, among other nice bytes! These parties at places like Olives, Enigmas, Mochas, DV8s, H2Os or Bohemias gave birth to a new gastronomic and spirit revolution. These are the youth's favourite destinations apart from politicians, industrialists, personalities from entertainment industry, media and some only-page 3 regulars. If you go to Delhi and you won't find Suhel Seth there or for that matter Queenie Dhody in Mumbai then the party is surely missing their regular guests.

I always felt Madhur's Page 3 is not a complete picture or even a correct depiction of the Page 3 arena, but just a small part of it. Though it was well-reviewed and appreciated, I thought it's a poor movie where editing was terrible and screenplay was at its worst. Let's not get into the movie. Let's talk about Mumbai where this culture has evolved and bloomed over the years inspite in the auspicious presence of Balasaheb now Raj baba.

This culture is evolving & evolving quite fast. If we can just subtract the illegal part from this, we will have a complete different society altogether where you can find yourself with a completely different set of people.

It's an addiction. Specially when you experience it in Mumbai. It really gets into my imagination all the time. It's insane. But it's too damn exciting to stop thinking about it. Glamour has it's attractions.

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