Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Wanna Go Back...

The transition phase between monsoon and winter is pleasant. Especially the late afternoons and the evenings. I stayed at 6 places in last 25 years of my life. Each place has its own memories and I keep on connecting myself to each of them. Today, as I am sitting idle at my window gazing at the sky through the branches of the coconut tree next to my flat, I am thinking about all those afternoons and evenings I have spent. I still feel nostalgic as I used to feel while leaving each one them. But now, all I want is just one thing: I want to go back in time, and live all those moments all over again. I have no regrets about what I have done so far in my life, just that I found that I was more happy while growing up. Happiness without any conditions. Running to home back from school was the biggest journey for me. Seeing off Dad going to office was the saddest moment of the day. Hitting a boundary off my brother’s bowling was the biggest achievment. And stealing cashew nuts from kitchen was my deepest secret. Can I turn the time back?

I will be at home exactly in a month from now. But it’s getting tough now. Been close to 10 months. Missing it more as I am down with tonsillitis, flu and some usual fever thing. Somebody suggested me yesterday to have a glass of whisky with warm water, but then I was telling myself: you are late dear.


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