Saturday, February 20, 2010

Repair Almost Anything...

My name is a ‘common-man’, and I can not repair anything. I can only repair few things. I can not repair broken trust, emotions and missing affections. I am also not saying they are beyond repair. I repair my employees, to some extent, to the best of my capabilities. Some liked it, some did not, in fact many didn't. That’s what my last anonymous employee feedback suggested for me. I am changing my ways, pattern and approach. Hope they like it; I am not God who has all the powers to make them happy. I try my best to repair if my friends get angry, if my brother wants something, failing most of the times. Yes, I have few successes to my name in this repairing business. The best one being my ability to bring some smile on people’s face with some unnecessary, unwanted, stupid & idiotic acts. But I manage to make them smile, and for me that’s what matters. Hope they like it too. Till date, only found that parents can only repair, and repair almost anything. Hope a day would also come like that for me. I was tired while writing my last one, I am tired today too, but the show must go on and the blog. Less confused now but want to sleep for long… with no reason to wake up again. No reasons at all. Weekends round the corner, and no plans in place. That’s the routine these days.

Need some repairing for my ‘self’.

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