Sunday, May 23, 2010

23rd May...

23rd May. One fine day my father decided that this will be the date to be entered as my birth date in certificates. He was thoroughly counseled by my great school teachers for whom keeping such a birth date was always convenient keeping the academic session in mind. Atleast this is what they say. Nobody knows why. 21st May is the ‘real’ birthday of my room-mate of MBA days. I had to stress on the word ‘real’ as a lot of fake birthdays of my friends of school days fall in this month.

This year, I am waiting for this day for last 7 days. Too eager and too anxious. Without any valid, justified or specific reason. Though Netherlands declared their independence from Spain on this day, I have been searching my independence from my daily schedule. The first African-American sergeant got the Medal of Honor in American Civil War and launch of first talking cartoon of Mickey Mouse has happened on this day. What a day! Here’s a good one: normal human sex cells have 23 chromosomes!

Though I myself never celebrated this day, all my offices celebrated it, thanks to my school certificates. Changed it in my current company with sincere efforts after breaking such horrific news to them late last year when I actually celebrated my ‘real’ birthday. Real. Sometimes I wonder who understands the meaning this word ‘real’! I have had my share terrible days thanks to my over-indulgence with reality.

Also, the reality is not only the great King Henry VIII’s marriage to his first of his six wives was declared null & void on this day, but a lady who fought with me 3 years back regarding the same thing called ‘marriage’, after a 7-year courtship, is finally tying the knot on the same day. Today.

23rd May.

Let the celebrations begin…

(Guys, I know it's a crap post, but do bear me this time, won't bore you to death with emotional atyachaar anymore)


bulbul said...

hey...u just missed,You have 3 birthday's..he he he...;-),,lucky chap..I only have one..:P..anywys..i will take this as an chance to wish u,a very happy birthday..;-)

Subhajit said...

@ Bulbul: Thanks for the wish, anyways u called me up as well... U... :)