Monday, July 26, 2010

Wonders of Differentiating your Priorities

Sometimes I wonder, where is the time for myself when all the people I love need the entire time, attention & whatnot! One vendor once remarked, “Sir you name it, we have got any stuff under the sun”. Here ‘stuff’ should not be misunderstood by that ‘stuff’. Money, in today’s world, can actually buy you happiness in all sorts of forms. You got to choose the right places to go for the shopping. Even wrong places will result in delivering some awesome experience minus the ‘morality’ crap ;)

I am different. I want to be different. These are kind of statements we hear from almost anyone & everyone. Most clichéd ones come from the film makers & actors. Be it corporates or business houses, they all are different. A singer says I could have sung this song so differently. And talks of some raags that Ustaad Bismillha Khan won’t understand. Our maid claims she is also different as she is doing so much work with such less monthly pay. Each of my friend says the kind of profile they are currently working on is so different than their previous one (post changing 4 jobs in 2.5 years) that it is no point comparing it to others profiles. One of them even gets a pay hike every 5-6 months! What an employer he is with… Dude, you are one piece; we love you so much you know. A couple is saying their pairing is so much different than others as they are so very practical. Wow, what a difference. Everyone is busy marketing him as different. I mean for God’s sake, where are we heading with all these differences? Himalayan ghats! Or Las Vegas! It’s about ‘accepting differences’ and getting on with a simplified and no-comparison lifestyle.

I also wonder how difficult it is to change the priorities in our lives! Let’s say right now, at this stage of my life, if I talk about a diversion into a different field than my current profession or getting into my own business, then there would be uncountable comments/suggestions/feedbacks that will start pouring in. Out of which more than half would be completely unwanted and incomprehensible. If I say my priority list has currently elevated my ‘family’ ahead of my ‘career’ then it would be my father who will be the first one to protest and ask me to put change that list! Priorities comes into picture often when there’s a girl, but I’m a bit experienced in that front after the initial struggle ;) We as a mankind are left with three things: faith, love & hope. Atleast, let’s not prioritize them.

Enough of wonderings (btw, there’s no such word as ‘wonderings’). Do hell with them, Alice has been to the wonderland & back. Get high, you will travel, think & act faster. Faster than you normally would do. I don’t need a Christopher Nolan telling me how to deal with my dreams. Dreams within dreams. Changed dreams…

P.S.: And hey I am done with you, monsoon. You are not travelling where you should and pouring down in Mumbai playing a spoiler for my weekend outs. So you better move your direction to places where famers need you. Stay off.

(Part of the credit of this end note goes to Jinu)


souvagya said...

Very much true..If we just look oueself what ever we do in our life to show others that we are different, special..Thats human tendency..See u r also looking for a different place for weekend party !!! ha ha BTW its LG dear..Life is good..we are having so many problems still we always try to laugh...i love this life !!!

Chiranjiit said...

Dear Subha, read two of your posts “Getting Used to Capitalism!!! “ & “Wonders of Differentiating your Priorities “and honestly unlike others, the first post does not at all surprises me. I paused for a moment and asked myself “do I need to say that Subha has grown up as a writer?”...I mean I knew it from the first day of reading your post...for me it was almost inevitable yet I could not hold myself sincerely appreciating your effort in reaching up to this level not just as a writer but eventually as a person too. The way you observe your surrounding and put it into words is almost comparable to the dexterity with which a florist makes a beautiful garland out of different types of flowers knowing exactly how to arrange them on a string according to his experience of ‘his surroundings.’
But with respect to the second post, though well written still I would like to throw light upon some aspects of it where I have a tussle with your thought process. For instance when you say ‘morality’ is a eyebrow of mine gets involuntarily raised up but as soon as I see the wink next to it I say to myself that may be bro is kidding or perhaps it is the effect of the surroundings…coz bro ‘morality’ has never been, neither it is nor it will be ever a ‘crap’. What I feel is the levels of morality for different people may be different but it’s always there serving as a guiding light. Some may sometime want to switch of this guiding light to serve their own ends but that does not mean that it is ‘crap’. How can a guiding light be ‘crap’? But yes situations are not always subjected to morality. For instance spending money on ‘that place of pleasure’ under the sun, may be entirely a question of morality for some whereas for others it may be a certain feeling of disgust visiting such ‘places of pleasure’ as for them such places simply don’t deserve them. So for them it’s not about dwelling much on morality or immorality in the first place rather it’s about a certain kind of feeling.
Now coming to the point of being different…like you I also feel if somebody is doing it simply to hog attention or just for publicity, though lacking the genuine’s just bull shit!! Such people may go somewhere in life but they will lack credibility & sooner or later people will know about it and virtually spit on their face. But being different to grow as an individual with a strong personality…being different for having views different from that of the society, which more or less shares a herd mentality, and then being able to justify it at least to those who cares for you…being different to become someone in life so as to do some good to other’s life in whatever small or big ways..I believe is appreciable. Also don’t forget that India got Independence because of the different type of thought processes of patriots like Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh etc. The point is there is nothing wrong in being different as long as the greater goal is noble. But being different just for the sake of it, just to glamorize yourself without caring for the sentiments of others who love you… is utter bullshit! As in a feat of glamour you are simply allowing people to entertain themselves at your cost at the same time not caring for the sentiments of people who care for you. I mean common’ you are not a JOKER.

Chiranjiit said...

I really like the point “It’s about ‘accepting differences’ and getting on with a simplified and no-comparison lifestyle.” but off-course only as long as the accepting of differences leads to something positive on the whole without creating a rift between the parties involved. In fact accepting of differences should add something positive...something that leads to a feel good feeling, to your personal or professional relationship...coz then getting on with a simplified and no-comparison lifestyle will be quite easy leading to a life full of peace, happiness & eventually abundance.
I do appreciate the way you have expressed your ‘dilemma’ over taking a diversion and entering a different profession or business…I mean the points of concerns are quite valid. But these points can be ignored if one is able to associate himself with a job or business that is high paying and gives occupational satisfaction…something that one would enjoy doing with respect to a environment/place, compensation & qualifications. Thereby proving oneself to those voices who are never short of giving futile comments/ suggestions/ feedbacks. Because until & unless you are able to prove yourself their futile voices though hurting, will stand true, no matter how much capable you are. And yes, I believe once you are successful both family and career can go side by side, as both are equally important to a ‘man’s life’…and moreover with or without your career till u become successful your family will always remain as your strength. So it’s all about how you convince your father that how important he/ your family are to you. Bro somebody said “Success come to those who enjoy doing what they are doing”... but again the point to ponder is how to find that what one enjoys with time running from your hand … remains a question for me too.
Lastly the lines “We as a mankind are left with three things: faith, love & hope. At least, let’s not prioritize them.” Are the most beautiful lines in the entire post & I luv the thought behind it.

Subhajit said...

@ Jinu: You are right, life has to be loved, else it's all but dark to its core.

@ Jeet: Thanks for your heartfelt compliments as well as critical appreciation. Reminds me of my graduation days when we used to analyse and critically appreciate Shakespearean plays just like this.

I am tired of telling you, but why don't you start writing a blog of yours. Don't know about others, but I'll be your regular visitor.

Chiranjiit said...

@ Subhajit: You are most welcome...the pleasure was all mine. But just imagine that if instead of reminding, it could have actually teleported you to your graduation days. Wow!! Then you would have owed me a ‘treat’ for going to the past without actually spending a fortune on a ‘Time Machine”, just a thought ;-)

Subhajit said...

@ Chiranjiit: U must realize that u r great soul!!

Chiranjiit said...

@Subhajit: Is it..& What made you think so bro? I mean m just a simple guy like u, who is god fearing, loves his family the most & aspires to lead a complete but meaningful life. Besides a soul becomes great only through great achievements accomplished due to great conviction that is supported by people sharing the same mind set…but to my knowledge I haven’t achieved anything great as yet. Still I thank you for your sweetness even though its bit overwhelming and little bit awkward too. I respect your sincere admiration but please don’t spoil me buddy by saying such things so openly on your blog rather if you believe in me stand by me always and help me realize what you want me to realize & lets together be a part of some great achievements