Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Bites...

Was a part of a great training session yesterday. Was interesting coz it was a Sales training. Mindsets do change a great deal when the domains differ! Had to miss a get together of a friend who is getting married next month. I have missed his invitations time & again due to the difference in demographics. And today’s a Sunday, a lovely morning. Sundays have their own memories, it’s gives you a feeling of family time and good delicious lunch with them. And a fun evening with friends. These days it is just a lunch with all attempts to make it delicious and evenings spent in the malls with friends. Anyways, no nostalgias, this blog is anyways full of nostalgia & melancholies. No good movies have come for sometime now, wait is getting longer. Family coming next weekend, so Diwali will be spent as usual with them but this time in Mumbai. One more person expired untimely last night; count is 2 in last one month. All these things make us believe how precious life is, how fortunate we are!

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