Friday, July 30, 2010

Midnight Blah Blahs...

This one's for you Madhavi & Shantanu.

It's another Friday dawn in few hours time. Just few more days before I bid adieu to my workplace. It's been great 18 months of awesome learning time there, mixed with all possible fun & diplomacy. 'Part of the game', is how our CEO summarized when he met my boss. It's easy to sit thousands of miles away and take decisions with an one-dimensional approach, but it becomes tough to get on with life when you are at the receiving end. It's just not a cakewalk to tell hundred-odd employees that 'hey guys, we all lost our jobs' just like that. Employees who had families had to see this day for no fault of ours and this is it.

Moving on with a high spirit is the only way to take from hereon. Has been doing the same since long now and wish to carry it on. Life's a b***h and it's f***ing beautiful too. So you don't have a choice, gotta live it. So some awesomely planned night-outs are in waiting in the next few days. A friend of mine objected to the word 'morality crap' in my last post, but to be honest it's too damn good to keep the morality sh*t away for some time and enjoy the life you have at that particular moment. Will miss colleagues, the workplace, the work & bosses. They all were meant to be missed. So that I can move on ;) Am I sounding a bit harsh guys! Yes, I am doing some net practice. You know why, one of India's leading corporate declined me after 3 rounds of interviews for one reason: You're too humble... You need to be aggressive. Really! And you morons took 3 rounds and 130 minutes to tell me this crap!

And finally on the funnier side, my mom & her sisters are hell bent on me to see a girl this time I go home, if not getting married right away (which I've strongly declined some 233 time in last one year). And it's raining marriages & engagements all around. People are on a joyride to marriage! Good for them. One quote before I shut my post tonight "when a man opens a car door for his wife, it's a either a new car or a new wife."

Monday, July 26, 2010

Wonders of Differentiating your Priorities

Sometimes I wonder, where is the time for myself when all the people I love need the entire time, attention & whatnot! One vendor once remarked, “Sir you name it, we have got any stuff under the sun”. Here ‘stuff’ should not be misunderstood by that ‘stuff’. Money, in today’s world, can actually buy you happiness in all sorts of forms. You got to choose the right places to go for the shopping. Even wrong places will result in delivering some awesome experience minus the ‘morality’ crap ;)

I am different. I want to be different. These are kind of statements we hear from almost anyone & everyone. Most clich├ęd ones come from the film makers & actors. Be it corporates or business houses, they all are different. A singer says I could have sung this song so differently. And talks of some raags that Ustaad Bismillha Khan won’t understand. Our maid claims she is also different as she is doing so much work with such less monthly pay. Each of my friend says the kind of profile they are currently working on is so different than their previous one (post changing 4 jobs in 2.5 years) that it is no point comparing it to others profiles. One of them even gets a pay hike every 5-6 months! What an employer he is with… Dude, you are one piece; we love you so much you know. A couple is saying their pairing is so much different than others as they are so very practical. Wow, what a difference. Everyone is busy marketing him as different. I mean for God’s sake, where are we heading with all these differences? Himalayan ghats! Or Las Vegas! It’s about ‘accepting differences’ and getting on with a simplified and no-comparison lifestyle.

I also wonder how difficult it is to change the priorities in our lives! Let’s say right now, at this stage of my life, if I talk about a diversion into a different field than my current profession or getting into my own business, then there would be uncountable comments/suggestions/feedbacks that will start pouring in. Out of which more than half would be completely unwanted and incomprehensible. If I say my priority list has currently elevated my ‘family’ ahead of my ‘career’ then it would be my father who will be the first one to protest and ask me to put change that list! Priorities comes into picture often when there’s a girl, but I’m a bit experienced in that front after the initial struggle ;) We as a mankind are left with three things: faith, love & hope. Atleast, let’s not prioritize them.

Enough of wonderings (btw, there’s no such word as ‘wonderings’). Do hell with them, Alice has been to the wonderland & back. Get high, you will travel, think & act faster. Faster than you normally would do. I don’t need a Christopher Nolan telling me how to deal with my dreams. Dreams within dreams. Changed dreams…

P.S.: And hey I am done with you, monsoon. You are not travelling where you should and pouring down in Mumbai playing a spoiler for my weekend outs. So you better move your direction to places where famers need you. Stay off.

(Part of the credit of this end note goes to Jinu)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Getting Used to Capitalism!!!

Day-1… The process starts. We knew it for a week now. Employees came to know about it today. It’s tough, real tough for them. Handling them is tougher even. HR at the job. Did something like this last year, but this year it is too damn hard. It involves all of us.Our COO broke the news to all the employees today. He himself is associated with this firm since inception, in fact he gave the name it has today to this company. Day is ending and just broke the news to the night shift employees as well.

16th June, 8:53 PM.

27 Pints of beer & 4 pegs of scotch was necessary to sleep tonight… 2:12 AM

Day-2… Today is official day-2. HR team knew this a week back including me. Tried all possible options but nothing worked out. Problem is the top management sitting in US does not understand/look at the vision we all have/had. For them, it’s all about numbers, as businessmen it is correct though. We all worked with one thing, sheer passion. Now we are thinking the worth of it! Positivity is all around. Sounds unbelievable, but true. Employee returned the favor of goodwill they received from the management so far. Felt rewarded, may be its too late. But still it’s worth it. My trainees got the news today. Shattered, but not broken down. Sign of strength, bit by bit, everywhere. Power of positivity.

17th June, 6.05 PM

Day-3… Done many CVs for myself. But doing CVs for others is quite a tough task. Made 9 CVs for employees from 4 different domains. They have their interviews scheduled. Few employee even didn’t turn up today uninformed. They cried 2 days back, today not to be seen. Split personalities! Going back in 5 minutes. Tired. For almost nothing.

18th June, 7.20 PM

Day-6… Weekend’s over. Thanks to my bro, I am roaming around Mumbai as if I am on a roaming spree. But it helps me divert from these happenings around. It’s a Monday morning today. Boss in Goa and subordinate on leave. Don’t know what shall I do till my shift ends! People have started giving interviews and some of them got offers as well, I am yet to appear for one!

21st June, 2:30 PM

Day-8… Days are occupied with counseling employees on how they can get through in other companies. How HRs will try to trap them (yes, giving away our secrets) and they will come out as a winner! So many firsts, preparing CVs of employees, helping them for interviews and discussing the offers they are getting. That’s all I/we can do as internal HRs. I am yet to start appearing for interviews, fuck appearing, yet to get a call even. People are giving all kinds of suggestions. Employees are checking their Orkut & FB accounts as there is no more firewalls. Many registering for the first time and having some good time. 80% of the production department is through as the sector they are into has got lot of opportunity in the market. And as usual, we HRs will get screwed again. I have myself enough time till I get something good. Let’s see what I have in store. I am going to have some good time, music, movies, good food, home trip, writing and what not…. No saddy feeling dear…. Hey God…are you listening??? Listen up, I am shouting and saying I AM NOT SAD nor I WILL BE.

23rd June, 7 PM

Day-14…Had given my 1st interview after a long gap. Good brush up. Also thinking to have a vacation. May be going home will be an good idea. 85% of the production are through. It’s easy for them as they have a specific expertise to work upon. HR will be stuck as usual. Don’t know what future holds. The tension is visible for the support staff even though they are trying hard to suppress it. Market is good, but openings are quite industry specific. Wonder whether the top management has ever given a thought to what will happen to 100-odd employees here in India! Or it’s just a strategic decision…typical American capitalists… BTW today’s the day I reached Mumbai few years back.

29th June, 6:29 (sitting alone in the production floor at this time!)

Day-15… Why it is difficult to say bye to those who always work without getting the due recognition? May be the kind of work they do never required so much attention. Just said ‘bye’ to one person is housekeeping, has been very dedicated and sincere employee since long. Don’t know how to describe him because never talked to him much or know about him. But you always connect to few people without interacting much. And that connection stays till the end. Well, also saw 20 odd employee saying adieu today. They will be joining our prime competitor from tomorrow. Another lot will be leaving from next week. Meeting so many people for one last time in just one day is emotionally tough. Yet HR has to get on with its remaining work. So many files, papers and documents. Need to sort them, have so much time. Just one call and everything changed. Everything’s shattered. Life’s so uncertain.

30th June, going to be 6 O’clock with almost no one in office.

Day-25… Sitting alone to complete some HRMS manual work.Alone in the entire office. 90% of the staff left. Only support staff reaming to some extent. Just for a record, where I am the only person to be logged in our messenger… not a single user apart from me.

9th July, 9:30 me & may be some ghosts around me

Day-30… Everything’s over. No more staffs left. Neither their grievances. Nor their cribbing anymore. But who wanted today to happen? At least the HR team never wanted. I sit today and find an empty production floor with some imaginary employees in my mind. True that we miss people after they leave, but also true that the top management can screw you anytime! Got few things in mind, a change in the sector or may be a diversion in career. Even own starting own things are on cards. But there’s still time, still miles to go before I die. Miles to go before I say goodbye.

Hail corporate culture, hail professionalism and hail the management!

16th July, VPT, Belapur…