Sunday, January 30, 2011

Version 3.0

     Almost after 2 quiet and lonely days, today's Sunday. Sundays becomes nostalgic if you are not inside a bloody mall and shopping. Being bachelor has all these pros and cons attached to it. But it's a tag that I still like next to my name, atleast till the time I can push the inevitable ;) Over last few years in the corporates, I realized few things which always were my mental blocks. Became less emotional for the employees, started understanding situations from different perspectives, taking everyone around you into confidence and being simple in whatever I want to execute or implement. I always knew that everything that the B-school taught me can not be practiced in the real world but still tried my own things by covering some of those theories with my ideas. Few of them clicked, some did not and some got discarded instantly by bosses. So, with every passing month or year, I am experiencing new dimensions of looking and doing the same things in different modes. Talking about bosses, I feel too damn lucky to have great bosses to work with throughout. I know how much it matters to work under someone where you feel secured and independent. With a lot of journey to be covered professionally, just wish to have such people around me to guide me through and inspire me to push myself day in and day out. 
     February or for that matter the rest of the year will be quite eventful with so many personal and professional grounds to be covered. February is full with anniversaries, birthdays and the big World Cup. The Cricket mania will continue till May end with the IPL following the World Cup. Hope Federer will be back this year and so is Schumacher. Less scams and more good cinemas. Waiting to experience 3G and a new office premise some time soon. Let's see how all these things roll out as the days are running so fast in Mumbai. 


bulbul said...

Nice one!!!

Chiranjiit said...

Nice post Subha. It is quite evident that you are going great guns as far as your professional life is concerned. Good bro, keep it up. But if I am not wrong a large part of your success can be contributed to those great bosses who you had been associated with & wish to associate with further. Alas!! Fate is not so kind to everybody …& more often than not people end up having bosses who are not just less qualified than them but also less experienced in the art of human behavior. Wish everybody is lucky enough like you to have the experience to work with really great bosses. Bosses who do not feel insecure rather feel a sense of pride in them to groom you as their successor. Who encourage you to make mistakes & learn from it or who comes forward & help you in time before any big problem arises. Also who are ever willing to explain you the nuances of the trade rather than holding it back with them. Those who know how to balance the benefits between the client and their company without being partial to any one and encourages you to do the same, so that all party involved gets benefited. Above all somebody who is not just a boss, but a mentor or a big brother who always guides you towards your higher professional goals quite effectively & under whom not only you feel secured and independent but also is so impressive & genuine in his behavior towards you that you are ready to do anything for him for the benefit of the company you work for.
Perhaps the great bosses you were associated with had some or all of these qualities & maybe that’s the reason that they are great in your eyes forever. But if not, then also don’t you think these qualities are easily achievable by any boss with a little bit of patience & effort. After all in the long run all the parties involved are going to benefit from such practices. Be it the boss, the company, the subordinate or the client.

Subhajit said...

@ Bulbula: Thanks for liking it!

@ Jiit: What happened in past does not necessarily going to happen always in one's life. So... life's all about re-inventing yourself.