Sunday, January 30, 2011

Version 3.0

     Almost after 2 quiet and lonely days, today's Sunday. Sundays becomes nostalgic if you are not inside a bloody mall and shopping. Being bachelor has all these pros and cons attached to it. But it's a tag that I still like next to my name, atleast till the time I can push the inevitable ;) Over last few years in the corporates, I realized few things which always were my mental blocks. Became less emotional for the employees, started understanding situations from different perspectives, taking everyone around you into confidence and being simple in whatever I want to execute or implement. I always knew that everything that the B-school taught me can not be practiced in the real world but still tried my own things by covering some of those theories with my ideas. Few of them clicked, some did not and some got discarded instantly by bosses. So, with every passing month or year, I am experiencing new dimensions of looking and doing the same things in different modes. Talking about bosses, I feel too damn lucky to have great bosses to work with throughout. I know how much it matters to work under someone where you feel secured and independent. With a lot of journey to be covered professionally, just wish to have such people around me to guide me through and inspire me to push myself day in and day out. 
     February or for that matter the rest of the year will be quite eventful with so many personal and professional grounds to be covered. February is full with anniversaries, birthdays and the big World Cup. The Cricket mania will continue till May end with the IPL following the World Cup. Hope Federer will be back this year and so is Schumacher. Less scams and more good cinemas. Waiting to experience 3G and a new office premise some time soon. Let's see how all these things roll out as the days are running so fast in Mumbai. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Year To Look Forward...

        Will start with 'Dhobi Ghat' as it earned a first place in the hearts of many who watched it. Feel bad for those still not seen it, go watch it. Good cinema pushing the envelope of contrived movies and taking film-making to another level. Last year gave us 'Udaan', now 'Dhobi Ghat' is a good start to this year. Hope we can see some more film-makers coming in front & more importantly guys backing them up financially. Ronnie has been doing quite well since last few years and came up with few really good ones under 'UTV Spotboys'. Though few others trying their hand as well in this genre giving opportunity to young but talented guys to take up the directorial mantle but overall the scenario is not bright. But with biggies like Aamir coming up strongly with such movies, it only augurs well for an audience like me. Hope next few years will pave way for more content-driven cinema instead of commercial-driven cinema. Simple example, a movie like 'Dabaang' still becomes a hit and we still have takers for Munni but a movie like 'Udaan' took 7 years to complete as the director didn't have enough resources to finish it up before Anuraag Kashyap & others stepped in. But both products are poles apart and still sells. Expecting more Udaans in next few years. 
        Had my first visit to Pune in 5 years stay in Mumbai but it was a worth a day! Though it was an official visit but loved every bit of it as got some unintentional attachments with Pune as a city since the day I touched Mumbai. Be it my visit to Goa last month or Pune early this month, found that Mumbai is actually too, too fast in everything. So once you step out of Mumbai you realize that you got to slowdown in order to get in tandem with the wavelength of the people of that particular city. Salaam Mumbai!
       Office schedule is only becoming hectic with each passing day & sapping all the energy I require for my blog. Even it made me wear glasses! Many a times an instant thought strikes the mind or an observation compels me to write something. But again the delay is taking them all away. Need to find a way to note them & bring it back to the laptop. Mumbai is bit cold these days which makes this city even more beautiful and romantic. Did I say 'romantic'? Yes, it really is. Though I have got no intention in writing this to make a statement of some kind, but the heart goes into the wildzone sometimes and makes it tough to pass those cold evenings alone ;)