Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Being Single

Being Single (5th February, 2011)

Situation 1: You get down from train where u should, go home, eat, drink & sleep.

Situation 2: You get down 2 stations before, go to a mall & realize there's nothing to do there, take a rick, reach home, listen to some no-sense talks, eat while being watched, go for a walk, then listen some more, tolerate the mood swings and then get the feeling that your best friend should not be important, come walking back with a terrible mood, tired body & don't feel like drinking.

Which one is better! Situation 1!

Being Single is awesome & I am quite liking it. Do hell with all complications in life!

Work hard, party harder.

Being Single: 2 (22nd April, 2012)

I don’t' know, but when I thought of jotting down one more 'Note', it is the same idea which played as the catalyst again. There is this guy on the verge of getting married who has been boasting around since ages of how large-scale his bachelorhood is, suddenly says that how can I bring my fiancĂ© with 3 other 'male' friends of mine to movie! I mean, this is beyond me ;) He has been flaunting his association with so many chicks over the years with so much pride. And more than just flaunting too ;) Then there is the other confused guy, who is on a joyride since he decided to marry a chick he found at his workplace. He stopped going to movies with us since a couple of years as he feels it is his primary responsibility to first check whether his girl wants to see the same movie or not!

Added to that they will start eating, talking and behaving (and what not!) the way they are being told to (or something like that;). Someone suddenly started eating 'baingan ka curry' and the other started drinking 'doodh'. This, according to management, is called real 'transformation'! No theoretical 'interventions'. Divine dispensation.

Now there are others too, like the ones I have come across during my B-school days. The ones in my school and college days. The moment a chick is in, they go into a dreamland. Can't generalize though. Exceptions are always there. Should be there. There was this guy who used to prepare breakfast, lunch and then snacks for the evening before taking her lady out for dinner. And guess what, all the utensils and Branding assignments were his responsibility too ;)

The more I made my mind up for this 'marriage' thing, these sparkling jewels around freak me out. And make me feel the awesomeness of the legendary bachelorhood (salute Barney Stinson).

Being Single: 3 (5th June, 2012)

Just like life, every day has got many shades too. Some of those are quite obvious, some are hard to understand and tough to explain. One has to undergo all these shades, so do I. As I'm nearing the day when I can no longer treat myself as a bachelor and fearing that what's in store, my curiosity increases towards the very concept of two people staying together day in & day out. I know I'm sounding like a jerk, but I'm saying this after clearing my mindset towards the typical fear of a guy of losing his freedom, his lifestyle & his way of living. 

What about me going out to Bade Miyan whenever I feel like with a bunch of friends, what if I go to a movie @ 9 PM with a friend who happens to be girl, what about my serious con-calls @ 11 PM with all possible abuses with buddies from 4 different states, what about me chatting with the ones whom I never could give any names, what about me spending my evenings over coffee shops where I talk all the non-sense & yet feel so complete with the ones who accompany me. They say it all can happen with a wife in place too, but I question the practicality of it.  Come on, life takes a turn, it has to. And sometimes, you don’t have a choice.

So I'm just moving on. With the tide, with the speed of the Mumbai life, with the order from high-commands, well-wisher’s advises, in line with the happiness of people around me, eating ice-creams, watching 3D movies, masala dosa with extra butter, reminiscing good old days. All these without thinking about the future. Perhaps, this has become the only phase wherein I'm not able to visualize anything about the future. So I've left it all to the hands to certain people to take control. Let them write few chapters of my life & I hope it all goes well.


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