Saturday, July 21, 2012

Infinite Darkness...

A handful of people, in the name of ‘mob-fury’, has beaten a professional with an iron rod, broke his legs. Then they put him on fire and waited till he died. All these happened because he was representing the management and was up against the union workers of a plant. He was doing his duty and was not letting the negative venom get into every worker. In the name of mob-fury, only a specific section of people instigated by political backing brutally killed him. And all that the Chief Minister of the state saying is: “no one can take law in his hands”. Is that what we deserve to hear after such a killing, is it any less dangerous to our democracy as compared to any communal violence! Or do we actually, need to wait for a mass killing of hundreds of thousands people before we wake up. The man leaves behind a 12 year old son, who will keep asking ‘questions’ for the rest of his lifetime why his father got a treatment like this. Now, the case here is, the management knew there was an issue, the police knew there might be violence and everyone knew how the union leaders might behave if required to. Still the man was burnt alive! What kind of system we are living with, and we, for God’s sake, are living in a democracy. Or do we even have a ‘system’ in the first place?

If we are so inept in front our police men, our beaurocrats & politicians, then on what grounds we stand to call ourselves a ‘free country’ and the ‘largest democracy’? Today, a common man fear of putting his faith in the system, instead of finding ‘courage’ in it. It is of no surprise that in a recent poll Judiciary, Beaurocracy & Politics have been rated as the ‘least preferred profession’ amongst the youth. Whereas in the first place, these should be the areas youths should be ‘active participants’. We have a failed political system in place today, we have a miserable judiciary system and we are burdened by corrupt babus. The nexus has widened to such an extent, even calling it ‘cancer’ would be an under-statement. The solution can never be arrived at, without doing the filtration right at the first step, which is by ‘not’ allowing candidates with a criminal background enter the parliament. Else, we will keep on hearing such photocopied statements by politicians time and again. The above incident is one of many that happens every day and we just get to know the ones that find ‘coverage’ in National Channels.

Today, the sad part is, page three has taken over page one. And we are facing the brunt of it. But it is also the same ‘us’ who let it take over. But this can be reversed, definitely. It is only ‘we’, who can do it, who can be the ‘change agents’. We do not need to do any some superman-act; we can take small steps in and around us to eradicate any sorts of lawlessness. With almost zero support from the legal system, only awareness and firmness from citizens can make a difference, however small it is. If we take time till ‘eternity’ to wake up and stand for things which disturbs us, then anarchy won’t be far away.

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SS said...

I read this one way back. Just a late feedback. Well said my friend. The page 3 has taken over the page 1. It's sad that in our country, a peaceful negotiation is hardly ever considered a possibility. The violence is easily resorted to, and the ears of the public have become numb. Dead man's dead, no hue no cry and no justice too.