Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Those Midnight Thoughts ...

I do this. I do that. I do so many things. I have moved on. So far. So long. Still every morning makes me believe I am behind. I am chasing. Actually, the families people like me come from, are meant to chase. Studies, career, money, growth, happiness and then die. We have an in-built fear to think beyond. Fear of failure. The pressure of society. The unfinished quest of success. The trouble of identity crisis. The madness of claiming victory. The heroics of grabbing a bigger pie of accomplishment. Pain of the distance of near ones, bitterness of the lost opportunities and hope of a better tomorrow. 

Then these unpredictable rains. Those late night hours. And some unforgettable moments goes off in a whisker. The melancholic evenings - on things which could have been done better, for people who could have stayed back, for those days spent on having roadside delicacies, thinking how Mom has always made me believe that every stranger has some motive to come near you. Oh God! I have been on search for "Who I am" and "What I want". I have not progressed as I would like, I suppose! And the fact is, after all this we only use 20% of our brain. Now take that. 

Dad retired. Gifted himself a car too. But Sachin denied the government quarter in Delhi. Nadal crashed out (how awesome is that!) after winning his backyard tourney. Spain nailed Italy. Anurag Kashyap showed his class. Lee-Hesh continued washing dirty linen in public. The Times of India degrades further with low ethics in journalism and quality of news (both online & offline). New people at work. Designation hiked (money too!).Life’s all the same. The race is on. One more morning. I am still running. Chasing.


Suru said...

Sad but true

Bulbul Jain said...

Well, I don't agree! Who said you, rather we have an identity crisis? However, we have to prove ourselves every moment! But that's how life it.But we should be proud that whatever we have, it earned. :).:)!!! Keep chasing!