Monday, May 27, 2013

RIP : Recollections. Introspections. Perspectives.

7.5 years in Mumbai. 6.5 years at blog. 5.5 at work. And the sum of all right and wrong choices made in life stands at 28.5. While I want the span of the first three to go further, I want the last one to shrink.

But life only moves in one direction: 'forward'. There is no 'pause' button to hold back and the 'stop' button is not under our control. The 'play' button is on auto-mode since birth. So all these tells us that there is no break, until the final one.

When I came to Mumbai, my life was wandering in many directions. The priorities were slightly different. Today, there are still directions and priorities, but the definition of terms itself has changed. The perspective of looking at life has taken many turns, while it has matured, it has become more restrictive as well.

I seek answers, for I believe that asking right questions are so important. Else, we should not be repentant about the outcomes. I remained silent for the majority part of my life, when I always thought that my reservations did not represent the larger group's interest. I tolerated people with half-knowledge roaming in & around me and active on intellectual forums in my school & college.

I started understanding & realizing the value of people even more. My stay outside my home taught me this, in a very real way. I had my days when I had to swallow my pain myself as people around me kept so occupied. I have seen people reducing themselves to machines where friendship is celebrated on a specified day and happiness is only shared on social networking platforms. But my experiences will only allow me to stay connected beyond (and including) such mediums.

My way of living life may continue to change in days & years to follow, so will be my perspectives. But I will ever remain homesick. And will continue having chocolate ice-cream knowing that I am prone to cold. No one can detach me from movies and music even though I chose to stay happy with lesser than what I earn today. There are certain things money cannot buy and for rest I do have my will power, so mastercard is not a mandatory requirement. People (family & friends) keep me happy, my gadgets keep me occupied and my work is too insane to term me as employed. I am eternally a claptrap.


SS said...

I loved the piece where you say you tolerated people with half knowledge active on intellectual forums in school and college. You are so me! Although half as articulate as you are :)

Subhajit Mishra said...

Glad to know you connected to something. I envy your writing each time I read you, so don't be modest.

Jayant said...

Excellent Post..
but cud have included 0.5 years of married life..(No Pun Intended)

Subhajit Mishra said...

Thanks Bro.