Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Dateless Diary : 1

I borrow the title from my favourite Indian English writer - R.K. Narayan. And apart from just the date-specifics, you might end up finding these pieces as mindless and senseless too. But just like the blog's inception, the writing shall continue.

The rain has lashed Mumbai quite on time, unlike last year. And so many similar events took place: buildings collapsed, water clogged, trains got cancelled, people stranded and so on. But this city continued to move on, it always has. The fact of the matter is, it just can not AFFORD to stop.

Father came to my rescue, with a short trip. At least we both assume that this is 'rescue'. I just needed a break, he dropped in. And his interventions has always given me happiness. He is leaving today and as I write, I am quite melancholic. Even though this is his second visit in 3 months, just can't get enough of him. Fathers are like that, supermen. My 8-year stay away from parents have not made any of us immune to that pain when departing.

If only rain could wash away everything we do not like.

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