Monday, June 24, 2013

My Dateless Diary : 2

Over the years, I have started liking being alone (wasn't left with much of a choice though). It has certain freedom which allows you to do your 'stuff'. It also helps you spend time with yourself, which becomes a challenge otherwise. More on the 'independent stuff' some other day.

Saw this movie called "Raanjhanaa", everything in the movie is a revelation to me apart from the never-ending use of "A" in the title and Sonam Kapoor. Sonam is still needs to improve a great deal being 5 years into the industry. Now, what is this guy Dhanush is! He not only stole the show, but made me like him in the first flick itself, and let me tell you that's not a small feat (I ain't bragging). Abhay Deol is there for a cameo and the characters sketched around Dhanush did a great job. But then with few potholes in the script, it is only Dhanush who holds the fort throughout and makes this movie stand on his feet. The dialogues are fabulously written by Himanshu Sharma and crowd loved it. So is the tempting background score by the maestro A.R. Rahman. The director who returns with his second offering after Tanu Weds Manu, takes a big stride forward while staying on the same genre of 'love'. His story-telling is simple, believable and heartwarming. For me, the takeaway is just 1 simple person: Dhanush. Salute.

India continues to play relentless Cricket and rain continued incessantly in the country bringing havoc in Uttarakhand. Thousands of pilgrims could never come back to their homes and many are still stranded as I write. One thing which struck me when one of my colleagues, a complete non-believer, made a statement: "what happened to God? Where is he? He could not even save the ones who took shelter in his own den!" I, someone who from 'non-believer' to a 'confused believer', had no answer to it. Even my brother shares similar sentiment.

To believe or not to, is no more the big question. It is what we get.


D Purushothaman Pillay said...

Love what you discuss and how you do it in your blog.

Whatever will be, will be.
God is not the cause, not the reason and need not answer.
By the way what is GOD?
Is it a philosophy or a personality like superman who saves people.
For me God is belief. A faith in the supernatural and the inexplicable wonderful which is the wellspring of creation around us. Not some human apparition, one goes to, in premises presided over by priests, who tell you how to please him in order to get what you want.
Think about it. God is not somebody it is an unknown power which facilitates creation. What happens to creations thereafter is called destiny.
Think about it.

Subhajit Mishra said...

Dear Mr. Pillay,

God is indeed a belief. It is upto us, how practically we believe in it. We can not leave everything upto Him nor can we blame those who believe in Him.

It is the everyday happenings around us that make people question his existence.


SINGH is KING said...

Mr. Pillay,

If you say that God is belief, i agree with you.. Bcz belief has no universal existence, it differs from person to person, place to place, culture to culture and so on...year after year...

Thus, beliefs are nothing but perceptions of people... So, is your GOD, nothing more than a perception.

And its an obvious tendency that anything good or bad happens, people credit/blame some or the other unknown good or evil power which does not exist only.

And an unknown should not be given the credit of facilitating 'creation' which is a non-ending self-driven process and bad should not be blamed upon destiny as 'destruction' is just a slow and steady process following creation.

The concepts of 'Religion' and 'God' were invented when the first con man met the first fool.

Now, you think about it...!!!