Monday, July 15, 2013

Let's Begin from Home

Good work aimed at development and upliftment of people in general should not only be appreciated, but also must stand as an example for others to follow suit. We find it very easy to blame the system for every apathy we face in our everyday life. Finding a scapegoat for everything has become a way of our life. And it is happening because of the way our entire society is functioning. And gradually, we all are turning into an 'escapist'. 

While fighting hard not to fall into the trap of being an 'escapist', I keep searching for ways to do my bit in whatever little way possible. I came across a website of a small village, yes a full-fledged website, and it was so informative and inspiring. I went to explore further about their journey on development and how inclusive it is for them. There are various programs running and majority of them are aimed at sanitation and hygiene. Hygiene has always been a primary area of concern in Indian villages. They, today, have achieved a level where each house has proper sanitation standards. Apart from their own devised programs, they also have the Govt.-run programs (NREGA etc) successfully. These are the kind of model-villages who can be a benchmark for others to follow. With the level of corruption and ineptness of the governments over the years, the major onus lies with the villagers to take it upon themselves to change the things they want to see. 

Here is the link of a better world in a smaller place.

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