Monday, July 1, 2013

My Dateless Diary : 3

A hectic month-end at office. A lonely Saturday night. A no-agenda-Sunday. I am happy that I am not lost. And people still count on me. I know that the first 3 days of the coming week are going to be insane at office. The rent is due for an increase, the broker will swing into action to suck my money. I like schedules in life, I like things organized. I love to see my calendar filled with things to do, things to look forward to and etc etc. I hate blank people, blank sheets, blank calendar, blank account balance, blank minds, blank theatres, blank tables and etc etc.

Now in between all these, I ask myself - how important it is to have agendas for everything! How much required are the stuffed calendars!! How much our lives will change with the things I hate being 'blank'!!!

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