Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What Up!

It feels good to be back here after 3 months. But it feels terrible not to have a specific topic to write. So, I will not force myself to come up with something artificial. And these days, the weather in Mumbai is so beautifully natural that I am trying not to do anything artificial throughout the day ;) It's cold, there are drizzles and there are cold windy evenings. What else one can ask for in a city known for its humidity levels. Last few weeks have been the best when it comes to my sleep, such weather provides quality sleeping and I am just not complaining.

I have been doing so many things in last couple of months, both personally and professionally, that I am not able to keep a track of my priorities. But then, who all can I keep happy. So I am just moving from one day to the other keeping myself afloat. Spendings have shot up in recent months without any changes in the salary, that leaves me on the brink of being declared a bankrupt. But I like the idea, I want to be declared as one, it makes life all the more interesting.

I have not been able to update my blog, which is painful, and I have not been watching any movies, which is equally dreadful for a movie-maniac like me. I do not know, but this whole drama of work is just not going anywhere. These days, I sometimes feel like drowning myself in the cup of coffee in the office but then refrain for the sake of those nonsensical conversations that follows along with it which is the most interesting part during day.

Am I tired of my work or profile? No and yes. Both. I love my work, but feel saddened when I feel I am kind of married to it (when I count the number of hours I spend with it). And so many 'thankless' tasks I do. The other night I googled potassium cyanide and researched as if a thesis is due to be submitted. Before that I was reading Poonam Pandey & Mallika Sherawat's new histrionics. Yes, my curiosity has no boundaries. I just go on a voyage when I surf, I read from one pole to the other and I find almost everything interesting & amusing. I really get amazed at the confidence with which Sonakshi Sinha talks about her movies and the importance of her roles or Sajid Khan judges reality shows. I like the expressions of Kirron Kher in India's Got Talent. I mean really! If she can not see half of the acts because they are scary and she hides herself behind her 'pallu', then why the hell she is judging it in the first place.

Well, let's cut the crap here. You all just stay happy. Avoid watching India play Cricket, watch some Hockey & know its rules. And do not even dare to watch or read politics, it has gone from worse to God-knows-where. Spend some money on yourself. Happiness is a very subjective thing. I will not trying defining it. So just be happy and do whatever you want to do (yes, that's what Salman says) because I am no one to advise.

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