Friday, November 23, 2007

November Blues

I never thought you would be so indifferent. Though ‘indifferent’ is not suiting your behaviour of last few days, but I can’t be as rude as you. Unless why I, anybody would have called this an ‘inhuman’ and ‘humiliating’ action.

I think you have simply gone into another world with some of your presumptions & pre-conceived notions, of which you are not going to come back. But truth is what we both know & it’s going to knock your door & your life one day. I have always told you that everybody pays the price of their action during the lifetime not afterwards and the life itself is so short. Don’t make it more agonizing.

To forgive is always believed to be known as an act of divinity, my respect & love for you has given you the power & opportunity to execute that. But you have chosen the other way. It might look brighter in the beginning, but assuring yourself with hopes & dreams of a better future needs to be paved by what you have not by what you will have.

I can write on & on, till my last breath, but when the recipient takes a position higher than the families, values, respect & love, it is only love’s labour lost. As winter is grappling and as usual I’m getting retrospective & you just added another big reason to feel melancholic. On the eve of another professional battle, this is Subhajit bidding adieu, being betrayed and was forced to lose his biggest mission midway.
6.30 pm, 21st November, Bombay