Sunday, September 14, 2008

That Thing You Do...

A friend of mine started liking somebody from the 1st trimester itself. Though it was love at the first sight, it was there to stay. He ended his last trimester. And....and what...yup...just like story of a movie he did not express his feelings. Reasons are few but weird, hard to believe. The girl knew it, but she always expected him to say it first. I mean is it a written law in India (yes, especially in India) that the man has to always to say it first.->->-> 6 months after->->-> The girl is happily committed now with another guy and my friend is happy again, just like Gilmore, he says he forgot everything. He or that girl had fallen in (so-called) love before, you never know may fall in again as well. 
Both are happy...really!!!

Another friend who used to stay the flat next to ours in my B-school hostel, fell for a girl who was the epitome of immaturity. This guy always thought to educate her on this. But there was just one problem, but a very big one; it was a pure case of a padha-likha-gaon ka chhora and one tiny mem-shaab who believes in the glitz and glamour and nothing else. He loved her like anything, and made sure he tells her in the perfect way. He took help from some of his friends, then the number of so-called helping friends increased. He told his feelings many times. The best part was the betrayal by his friends who not only misguided him but one of them made sure he goes out with the same girl. What a lovely way of breaking the trust, hope & heart...all in a one shot... That guy suffered like that till the date the girl got married. And you know what....he still says he would accept her if ever she comes back. 
He always told me: she is made for me, and I know I get her on day. Till date, he believes in this and I don't know but I believe...his philosophy...his patience....and his puritan love...

My ex-flatmate and me used to have chat for long hours on any topic and girls were the prime topic. The girl on whom we had most heated discussion with a lot of curiosity was in a (so-called) relationship and used to go out with her boyfriend. Then the internship approached and we all went ahead to pursue it with great anticipation.  During my interns the guy pings me to say that he is into a relationship with that girl. Yes, they both got to know each other after she broke up with her precious boyfriend. But whenever my friend and me sit to analyse and think over this we end of deciding that they can not be together as they do not have anything in common. 
Today after 2 years I see them talk about breaking up every alternate day, sometimes every 5 minutes for reasons that are the heights of childishness. I ask them you really think this is gonna work, they say we "hope". I believe Barack Obama is the not the only 'hope'ful person in the world.

A very close friend of mine falls in love every other day with a girl in every corner from Vashi Railway station till his office. He liked a girl for 4 years during his B.Tech and never expressed anything because he did not feel like saying her!!! He liked somebody very deeply in the later part of his MBA, again left it in midway as he felt she does not understand his feelings. Now there are close to a half a dozen a girls who directly or indirectly told him that they like him. But he declines all of them, may be he not interested or may be he does not have anymore faith in love. 
I ask him why? He says: "many girls would come and go..." I ask myself whom is he kidding?

I can go on & on & on writing uncountable real life stories like this, more painful, more romantic. But these are examples on which one can make a 3-hour long movie or write a book. They offer you look at the life from different dimensions and very close quarters.

Finally, two things: -> I was/am a common factor in all the above circumstances
-> Today is the birthday of the girl with whom I shared 7 years of my life, seven beautiful years.