Saturday, January 17, 2009

Oh Dear!!!

I see somebody. I see a faint image. I see someone or something enthralling that captures my imagination each time it passes through my mind. Who is she? What's that? Is it for real....or all hallucinations....

You know what!!! I am a die-hard romantic. I fall in love every five minutes. With a flower, with a cruiser, with a nice melody, with someone who sells lemon half a dozen for 12, with intelligence, with past memories, with uncountable actresses, with my future aspirations, with my job(sounds interesting nah!!!), with my colleagues, with new cell phones, with nature, with what not....almost everything---

Yes, I want to live on a high....always...Yes my dear...I love too much...I miss too much...I care too much... I feel too much...I observe too much...I react too much...Yes my dear, my mind is poisoned...Who am I?