Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I want some time "OFF"

I really do not know what’s the reason behind blogging less these days. Yes, T&D is taking a big chunk of my time & energy, but I could still manage with my long weekend offs. I feel sad as I am not even able to read Shobhaa’s blog. The only people I am keeping a track are Nainy & Sharad. And I must mention two posts of these guys which I found outstanding. Sharad’s views and analysis on the book ‘India: A Wounded Civilization” by V.S. Naipaul. It is not exhaustive, yet it is quite narrative and the 13 pointers he has given are really thought provoking. It shows how much he has gone into the root of the book and his own perspective which represents a lot of our thoughts. And Nainy’s take on her parents and the upbringing. It so beautifully written & narrated that I recommended atleast 4 of my friends to have a look at it. She talks about the way her parents have changed themselves in course of time and the outlook they share with their children. One line that really moved is, when she says that she is the same person inside the house which she is outside. This sounds so simple but I can bet only less than 5% of the children are able to do that in Indian society. I wish all parents could share such perspective towards life & their children. 

No movies since 2 months. It is getting tough for a movie freak like me. Waiting for Angels & Demons releasing on 29th (was supposed to release on 15th). Hope this one would be less complicated from Da Vinci Code. Going to watch Tom uncle after some time. Also waiting for Vishal Bhardwaj’s Kaminey (only for Vishal). IPL got over, so is the fever, but just for the time being as the T20 World Cup is around the corner. What an IPL it has been this year, where the bottom 2 of last year banged in to the finals and fittingly the lowest one clinched the title. Gilly showed his leadership skills just like Shane last year. Ironically, they both never got a chance to lead their national side even after serving it for so long! One of my colleagues in office said prior to the match that she wants Bangalore to win, for the only reason its captain is an Indian! I did not think much into that as she does not follow cricket, but was shocked to see my roomie feeling so bad when Gilly ended up in the winning side. He said and I quote “These Aussies take all the credit, they behave as if they have done everything; last year Warne did it, this year Gilly, we should praise our Indian players”. I preferred to keep quite as I feel this is just the outburst as the team he was supporting (RCB) came as the second best.

And finally, Mr. Singh is back, but most importantly with a bang. No more the cloud of Mrs. Gandhi and even the bachcha Gandhi has cleared the way from the cabinet and is on his way to become another Mahatma. I can smell an outside chance of Mr. Singh falling ill or citing the same reason for vacating the office in next 2-3 years to give the chhote nawab some warm up period as Mr. PM. The funniest moment for me was when Prannoy asked Jyotiradiya about Rahul’s chances as PM, and he replied Rahul’ji’. Everybody saw the amount of sycophancy (he said Manmohan without the ‘Ji’). Chalne do bhai, number toh mila Sonia aur Rahul ji ke party ko, aur kya chahiye?

What a happening May, and we all knew what happened this summer!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Where Is Your Kundli?

Things are going well & fine. I mean sometimes it’s going so fast that I want to have a pause; sometimes it’s too slow. I have got reasons for both. Details some other time. IPL fever is on rise and the fever is getting on the nerve for sure. Who all were saying shifting the tourney to South Africa will lose its charm; had to eat their words. Man, it’s India and you don’t need to play only in Eden Gardens to make it a hit. Wake up guys, this is a different age altogether. Taking a look at the political scenario, it’s getting dirtier everyday and the level is also decreasing. Even Mr. Advani is looking clueless. No need to talk about others. I am getting mad hearing same kinda news everyday. Let Mr. Singh come to rein us again, even if he says “Soniya ji se puchna padega” for everything. We all so-called intellects will talk about BJP but won’t vote, so let Congress take us forward to Gandhian age again! Oh, look at the democratic me! Sorry, politics is only on my other blog. This space is for some straight talk. I’ll stick to that.

While I was coming from office in the evening, I crossed a big automobile dealer which is also rumored to be the highest seller of a big automobile brand in Maharashtra. Two of my colleagues were accompanying me and suddenly someone said ‘tere ko pata hai, yahan pe kundli system chalta hai’. I could not get anything. When probed further, the other colleague said that ‘in logon ka final round kundli system hai’. I curiously asked them, are you guys talking about hiring policy here. To my utter amazement they said yes. I was pretty interested to know the details. They simply said that if you want to apply here for a job, then you have to clear their interview rounds and after the final round of interview, they will ask you for your kundli. Expectedly I asked them ‘why’? They said that’s their policy. I asked what if somebody’s kundli does not match!! Answer was ‘rejection’. I said is it some kind of a joke? For God’s sake, this 2009 and HR has travelled so long to reach a stage where it can call itself a strategic function than a support function. And still such practices are followed in organizations. It’s not a small firm; it has strength of more than 500 employees. This is disgustingly disturbing, regressive and simply a joke on the organizational practices in today’s time. I went blank after all these thoughts and thought what I am doing by talking so big to my employees about ‘employee branding’, ‘change management’….

Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesomeIsaac Asimov