Monday, August 31, 2009

The Third Page of Mumbai...

Page 3. Sounds so glamorous. But just go back 10 years and you will find almost nothing. I wont talk about any gray side of this new and ever growing culture but rather I will write on we have become a part of it and it has become a part of our lives.

We can start from fashion. Today atleast a guy doing engineering or MBA knows who is Manish Malhotra or a Neeta Lulla. They know them thanks to the coverage by media in both its formats, thanks to the Page 3 gatherings. Their curiosity and interest to know these also matters. Page 3 has become a platform where socialites from different walks & corners of life are meeting to discuss and exchange many ideas than just having some good time with a glass of Château de Villeneuve in their hand. The days are gone when only stars from movie industry were found on the guest list of a page 3 party. Now things are changed, for the venue to the menu and most importantly the kind of people on the guest list. Now one finds a party by Tarun Tahiliani or Vikram Phadnis celebrating the success of their fall winter collection at a gathering. At the end of the day it makes a person like me & many others to know what fashion is and what exactly is the time when a fall winter collection comes out.

Theatre personality and Ad gurus like Alyque Padamsee or Prasoon Joshi are regulars at Page 3 nights. They do not drop in a party because they will get some limelight as they do not need it anymore but they can share ideas, thoughts and meet new people from the same and different fields. Still we do not find the biggies (from the Ad world) like Piyush or Prahlad very often. They still are engrossed in their world of Ads so much. Even many ad campaigns do start off  from such page 3 parties.

People like Vijay Mallya, A.D. Singh or Gautam Singhania among many others who has been organising these gatherings from a time when this culture was even existing there. They were labeled as casanovas or debonairs, but they simply gave a damn. Now each electronic and print media house are running around these places for news/sound bytes, among other nice bytes! These parties at places like Olives, Enigmas, Mochas, DV8s, H2Os or Bohemias gave birth to a new gastronomic and spirit revolution. These are the youth's favourite destinations apart from politicians, industrialists, personalities from entertainment industry, media and some only-page 3 regulars. If you go to Delhi and you won't find Suhel Seth there or for that matter Queenie Dhody in Mumbai then the party is surely missing their regular guests.

I always felt Madhur's Page 3 is not a complete picture or even a correct depiction of the Page 3 arena, but just a small part of it. Though it was well-reviewed and appreciated, I thought it's a poor movie where editing was terrible and screenplay was at its worst. Let's not get into the movie. Let's talk about Mumbai where this culture has evolved and bloomed over the years inspite in the auspicious presence of Balasaheb now Raj baba.

This culture is evolving & evolving quite fast. If we can just subtract the illegal part from this, we will have a complete different society altogether where you can find yourself with a completely different set of people.

It's an addiction. Specially when you experience it in Mumbai. It really gets into my imagination all the time. It's insane. But it's too damn exciting to stop thinking about it. Glamour has it's attractions.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Next Script...

I am a big movie buff. But this year has been a big disaster. Thanks to some worst possible movies made by the biggest possible producers and the great multiplex-producers fight over revenue sharing. The second half of the year looks brighter with some more directors getting ready to deliver their products and I am all ready to experience some long awaited unforgettable moments inside Fame. Asutosh & Rajkumar Hirani are two of those awaited movie makers in my list for this year as Karan delayed “My Name is Khan”  to next year. As far as Hollywood is concerned I am still awaiting a movie even closer to the likes of “The Pursuit of Happiness”.  “Milk” & “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”  were good but not outstanding. Missed “Revolutionary Road”,  “The Reader” & “Changeling”, will catch it up soon on DVD.

My blog’s profile clearly states that I am not into fiction. Actually it puts me off, but don’t know why, today thinking to write a small little story. But as the post suggests so far, it would be completely filmy, so no questions on logic. Though I’ll keep it as real as possible (sounds big time clichéd na!). Ok, let’s start, my first story. My story. Well, kind of. 

As of now, have kept the deadline of 13th September. So that I can post it on 14th (for obvious reasons, hehe). Let's see if I can meet that. I hope it would be exciting...and as we call it... Paisa Vasool...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Renewing Identities...

Two men went fishing. One was an experienced fisherman, the other wasn't. Every time the experienced fisherman caught a big fish, he put it in his ice chest to keep it fresh.

Whenever the inexperienced fisherman caught a big fish, he threw it back. The experienced fisherman watched this go on all day and finally got tired of seeing the man waste good fish. 'Why do you keep throwing back all the big fish you catch?' he asked. The inexperienced fisherman replied, 'I only have a small frying pan...'

Sometimes, like that fisherman, we throwback the big plans, big dreams, big jobs, big opportunities that God gives us. Our faith is too small. We laugh at that fisherman who didn't figure out that all he needed was a bigger frying pan, yet how ready are we to increase the size of our faith? Whether it's a problem or a possibility, God will never give you anything bigger than you can handle. That means we can confidently walk into anything God brings our way.

Nothing is too big for God. REMEMBER: Stop telling God've got big problems. Tell your problems've got a BIG GOD!

Well, guys I am not getting spiritual. I shall now therefore humbly propose my own more-real-thoughts, which I hope will not be liable to the least objection.

My boss in my last organization once asked me what do I understand by NLP. NLP or Neuro-linguistic programming in simple terms means how we identify somebody with some object. Say, if I find my co-worker look like a banana leaf, then in future after 10 years if I see a banana leaf at some place, I can recollect him/her. It’s like giving an unique identification to each & every individual you know. It helps to recollect them, and recollect in a unique way (banana leaf just for an example, no offences meant ;-) hehe). Here I am not proposing any alternative to our great UIN mission headed by Mr. Nilekeni. Just imagine a world where we can resemble somebody with a bird, with an object, with what not; depending upon their nature, the way we know them. I still remember a visiting card of one my friend’s friend who’s great swimmer. She left her so-called high profile job only to pursue her passion further, swimming. Her new visiting card has her name & other details in one side and the other side has water & a picture of dolphin in it. This is what I call is real identity.

I wish in today’s world, if we will have such unique identities that will help us identify each other beyond caste, nationality & religion, we can eliminate few words like: hate, fear, terrorism and so on.

That is the kind of world I would like to see, I know we all would like to see.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We Have Changed :(

Sometime during last month I had a visit to Inorbit, Vashi and was sitting in the food court with 2 of my friends. There was an artificial children playground there. The number was increasing inside it as it was a weekend. In front me many new cute little angels went inside it and got lost with each other. It really is surprising to know that how in this world, and in today’s time there are still some moments which you see live and wish it would be the exact scenario in the entire world. None of them knew each other; they never even met each other before. But mixed and played as if they know each other for years and as if this is the one last time they are meeting. These days our siblings don’t believe in each other! Friends deceit, our relatives don’t trust us. Our parents don’t believe on us. May be we ourselves don’t believe on our own capabilities. Where is that trust which one can see in those tiny eyes, where is the blind faith which sparkles in those eyes? For those 15 minutes they forget the world and be with each other. How many moments are we spending like that today in our lives? One can give an excuse that time does not allow him/her, but is it that difficult to switch off your mind for 10 minutes. May be we can’t, we can’t live without our cell phones for 5 minutes, switching off mind is too much to ask for.

Now the second and most disturbing thought. I found a mother who came with her daughter (around 6 years old) and sent her to that playground after her repeated request. She was quite sophisticated and well mannered. But the lady is one of a kind guys, she did not even have the interest to go the counter to pay for her daughter. She gave her a 50 rupee note and asked her to go alone and pay, the cutie was apprehensive but went ahead. She paid herself and went inside. Her busy mother went to get some Chinese stuff to eat. While the cutipie lost herself with other children, she didn’t forget her Mumma, kept on calling her to watch how much she was enjoying. To my utter disappointment, she was too damn busy in eating and not even listening her daughter once, for God’s sake, once. She was sitting just 7 feet away from her. The little finally realised it is of no use to call her as she and found her mates inside more close to her heart. I could not understand why do we earn so much, why do we have children & why do we even commit to responsibilities which we can’t complete??? If we can’t be with our own children for 10 minutes when they really need us or want us to be with them, then it is a shame. It really is. I hope we all understand the importance of these delicate relationships one day. Some day...