Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Wanna Go Back...

The transition phase between monsoon and winter is pleasant. Especially the late afternoons and the evenings. I stayed at 6 places in last 25 years of my life. Each place has its own memories and I keep on connecting myself to each of them. Today, as I am sitting idle at my window gazing at the sky through the branches of the coconut tree next to my flat, I am thinking about all those afternoons and evenings I have spent. I still feel nostalgic as I used to feel while leaving each one them. But now, all I want is just one thing: I want to go back in time, and live all those moments all over again. I have no regrets about what I have done so far in my life, just that I found that I was more happy while growing up. Happiness without any conditions. Running to home back from school was the biggest journey for me. Seeing off Dad going to office was the saddest moment of the day. Hitting a boundary off my brother’s bowling was the biggest achievment. And stealing cashew nuts from kitchen was my deepest secret. Can I turn the time back?

I will be at home exactly in a month from now. But it’s getting tough now. Been close to 10 months. Missing it more as I am down with tonsillitis, flu and some usual fever thing. Somebody suggested me yesterday to have a glass of whisky with warm water, but then I was telling myself: you are late dear.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

This Is It...

We sometimes think thousand times in taking a decision, sometimes it can be a real small one. But we take time. To do or not to. To be or not to be. Whether you are right or wrong. Whether the decision is morally correct or immoral. Logical or illogical. Justified or unjustified. Do I need to prove anybody with my decisions? May be no. It hardly matters to the world. All I need to prove is to myself. May be in my life, the number of correct decisions taken to the number of wrong ones tells me to take a call instinctively more often. At the end of it, your life is the sum of the choices that you take.

Me being a teetotaler… sounds freaking scary. Don’t you worry guys. I still love world music and still die for Tom Hanks and Monica Belucci. I still hate travelling and taking calls in the morning. I still am nervous in presentations and still hate Mondays. You can’t take Subhajit out of me. Life’s the same minus some liquids. Will have to find a suitable replacement for that L J

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wake Up...

Sometimes I think why I did MBA! I actually pondered over this thought many times post my MBA. Last 18 months in corporate life has been full of ups and downs. If I only analyze it with up and downs, it’s all right. Then I ask myself how many days I woke up in the morning and really felt like going to office, with a mind full of new ideas and plans? How many days have I thought of executing my thoughts into action in the office? How many days have I thought of going to office without thinking about my boss’s temper? How many evenings have I returned home with a smile of satisfaction on my face after work? You may ask the same questions to any professional working somewhere or the other and may add some more questions. The answer to more than 90% of them would come “very few”. But why? We are supposed to work at capabilities equivalent to the kind of study that we have done in our MBA days and a level where managerial expertise comes into play. But all we do is to just wake up, run and find a way out till we finish saying "yes sir" and achieving our daily "targets". It's a mad race and we come back all exhausted thinking we managed one more day at the workplace.

You may counter attack the last two lines in the above paragraph by saying that all who pass an MBA are not employable. Agreed. But then those who are not employable are they also not trainable? Have we ever thought in bringing those people who are lagging behind due to the lack of training upwards? No. In today’s time, no one invests in training like Tata Steel, L&T or Mahindra & Mahindra used to do. Even these pioneers have cut their costs on their inductions as well. Marketing pass outs are still selling credit cards with all the pride, thanks to the pay cheque and the flowery designation. Finance guys are still busy in credit recovery with zero learning. And HR hopefuls are still aspiring to work in profiles like PMS or OD while doing recruitment day in and day out. Life is moving, so are they. But till what extent one go like this without any specific target in his/her career. I was happy the starting salary in my last organization offered me right after my MBA, as it also was at par with the industry then. Profile was into generalist HR and after a month I realized generalist means everything that falls under the purview of HR. You also have to send birthday cards to the employees and take office stationary requisition from the employees as well. I look at the daily routine of a friend who stays with me, and I find I am better off. He wakes up at 6:55 in the morning and comes back at 11 PM. He does “hardcore” sales and gets paid well by the private bank for which he works with all the devotion. I remember a line by Rashmi Bansal in her book “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” foreword: “if you are paid well to sell soaps after your MBA, will you do that?” This line always fascinates me. Have we studied and dreamt of selling anything for money. Or there was something called as ‘ideas’ turning into ‘reality’? It’s confusing for me, it baffles me every day. But this friend of mine gave all of us a great news when he announced that he is going back to his hometown where he is planning to join his family business and have some great plans to expand it. Sounds so cool, independent, worthy and something that you can take pride for what you doing. I can write another 10 pages on the corporate lives of the young MBAs and may prove that it was not worth studying. But again, it helped me as an individual widen my horizon of knowledge into many domains which I never even heard of.

Things always look better when you are on the other side. My current organization offered me a great profile, I passionately accepted it. Things are going well and fine. I wake up every morning and come back at 9, doing my job. Dad still works in the same bank where he started working 25 years back, satisfied and calls me up to ask how my work is going on. I tell him everything going great. He feels good. I call up Mom once I reach my flat and tell her that her son is doing some great things here in the city of dreams. She feels better than Dad. Sometime I talk to my younger brother and give him some serious advice as if I have really cared for him after I left home 4 years back. I go back to sleep thinking everybody is happy. And then I realize, all I have is just few more hours left to wake up again.