Monday, October 26, 2009

Life's Like That...

It has been an eventful October, a month I would remember. Today, while writing this, is the last day of my home trip. I came home after 10 months, the longest so far. I stayed for 11 days, including 3 unpaid leaves, man that’s some money. I have spent maximum time at home in this trip, which I missed in the earlier ones. But missed out on meeting all of my near & dear ones. It’s bound to happen if you are going to visit your hometown as a guest for 10 odd days. Don’t know, but sometimes I feel I should take off for a couple of months or so and spend time here. It’s so calm & relaxing. You don’t have to think anything else apart from comfort. All I seriously did here was two things: eat & sleep. I made up for all those lost sleep in last 9-10 months and had best of the cuisines. If my bosses permit, I would be coming down in four months time to attend two of my cousins’ marriage. Fingers crossed.

This October, as I posted in my previous post, Nipun left us to go back to his hometown. He’s been a great buddy, flat-mate and overall a good human being. Will miss him for sure, his antics and his style. His sense of humor has been the best of all. Girls loved him for reasons more than humor though! I hope we will be in touch. Yup, I can only hope.

I will be resuming work day after tomorrow and that would be the last of Shweta, my immediate reporting manager, a thorough professional and a good friend in the process. I feel it will take few more years for me to be that professional. She has been a great guide too after her tough sessions specially designed for me. It helped to a great extent. I know how much different it would be to go to the same workplace where I won’t be able to ping her through our office messenger and share Chicken Pudina Kabab in lunch. Celebrating all those weird days dedicatedly and the humor on the fellow employees. All these will be terribly missed. Don’t know, what future holds for me from now onwards. All I can do, is to wish her all the very best as she is going to start a new innings in her life and moving to New Delhi. Delhi guys have already started calling her Butter Chicken!!!

Also, one of our old & good friends is going to join us in our flat in place of Nipun. With him, the flat would become an all-Odia (not Oriya) flat. Likewise, someone also joined in place of Shweta as well. She has been doing really well so far. But sometimes I ask life, why is it that we always have to accept changes and live with it? Why can’t people/situations/things be constant? I get so many answers; so many times it remains unanswered as well.

But when I conclude all the answers, I discover the same old thing: “Life’s Like That”.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Saturday That Was...


10th October, 2009

Life is a great leveler. Today was one of those days, I realized it, again. My day started with those thoughts in mind where I feel like going back to home and do nothing. The sun was shining, a bit too much and was humid as usual. But there was something in the air, could not recognize, may I be did not want to. Went to have a vegetarian lunch, thanks my Saturday thing. Then lots of shopping and a good dinner. All through this, someone was there with me, and helped me do shopping, as I stay in my confused state of mind during buying anything. That someone is there for some time now, just that now I can count upon her. A great person and a great companion to be with. Time literally flies, when she is around. Well, please do not read between/beyond these lines.

But the day also contained the separation of one my flat mates who was leaving Mumbai permanently to join their family business. I never interacted with him during my MBA days so much apart from the formal gestures. But we became good friends in the last 18 months of his stay here. Now I am the last person surviving in this flat who has signed the initial contract with the landlord in December 2007. Life moves on, but will miss him.

I spent some great moments with a new person in my life and got to know her better and someone close to us went far away. But I know they won’t forget me that easily. I won’t brag, but that’s the effect I have ;-) Enough self-appraisal for the day. Chao.