Monday, June 7, 2010

Version 2.0

Life is all about reinventing yourself. We do the same work, we eat the same things, we go to the same office, we talk to the same people and we almost live the same life after we wake up on the same bed everyday. To be honest and practical, these things would remain the same. We can’t change these things. We can’t change our workplace thinking that our colleagues or boss will change; we might find the worse of them. Neither can we change daily happenings nor the surroundings. What we can change is the way we deal with them, the way we look at them, our perspective towards each such happenings and our approach. And that’s all about reinventing yourself. Professionally, I have grown from strength to strength in last 3 years. My approach has changed a lot and I have been 10 times more ‘pro-active’ now than ever before. Today, when I sit at my desk and look back 3 years and now, I find complete new version of myself. But at the same time, I feel even at this rate I have got to go a lot many miles before I declare that there’s nothing much learn. One can never say that “I am done”. No one is, no one will ever be. Few people do believe, they know almost everything and they are the best, believe me it’s a great feeling when you say this, but this is one such impossible thing to achieve.

It’s raining outside, few of the first showers of this monsoon, and I am looking through my window pane at office. Sky’s almost red, mild rain, smell of the earth (can feel it, without even opening my window) and slow wind. I am still feeling the beauty of all even after all these years with a different ‘me’. With so many revisions in my profile and so many additional responsibilities I feel like an improved version, with all new genuine updates installed. But just like software I know I need to upgrade myself to be compatible with the current market requirements. Because, it’s always good to be in the ‘recommended’ category than ‘minimum’ required category. My this version, version 2.0 is ready to be installed and take on the world. But it knows that the only key to fight it out with the contemporaries is to upgrade itself, from time to time. So a lot new versions are waiting in the wings and all I need is to make myself adaptable and compatible with all those changes…. Err, did I say ‘changes’, those are the only ‘constants’.

P.S.: Need to congratulate Rafa… for winning at Roland Garros, but Fedex gonna come back, come back harder…