Sunday, January 31, 2010

Month of Zero Life

Last day of the first month of 2010. Have not written a word for over a month. Work was the priority for most of the month and weekends passed without any comfort. People close to me became upset for not being able to meet them up or give time, people who are far wished I could be with them. I failed to meet any of their demands. Work, work & more work was my only routine throughout this entire month and I worked more than I did in last quarter of 2009. But still the pressure is on, will be there till March end... some appraisal thing they say. I most probably will miss 3 marriages of my closest bros and a friend. Can't express what it means to miss such rare & once in a lifetime occasions. Now that things are changing on professional front too fast, I hope it changes me as a human being as well, for better. Roger won today, sweet 16 now for him... twitter is on all time high... orkut is almost out. I recovered my old hard disk drive and with that some memories. Slept just 3 nights at my place in this entire month... saw one movie... and zero shopping. Puja was there for our new home today... Dad & Mom's anniversary tomorrow. Mom missing me too much, wants me there for the marriages, son hanging around for leaves/appraisals/bosses/pressure/deadlines...
but tells her he will be home soon.