Friday, December 31, 2010

Year End Dry Thoughts...

After long getting some time for yourself is really a welcome change. Amongst all the mismatched schedule and last minute no-shows the soothing sound of unending waves are more than enough to take you to an introspective ride. So I went to so many such rides and it really made up for my lost water rides due to bad health. Goa, has its own charm and it lies in its sheer small little things. Be it the old-styled homes, simple people, narrowest possible roads, no-rush-to-modern ethos in every corner. Life goes for a sudden break and throws you to the relaxed seat. You start noticing these tiny little things of life and relish it again and again. Such places makes me tell myself that I can still be the same person without so many things I feel is essential for life. I, as a person, keep a low profile for many reasons and it works. Off late, this status of mine has been tampered by people as well as by me in some cases. But a sharp SWOT analysis has given me the result that I could still have done the same things without crossing my low-profile status. But I did. Then why? To prove something to others or to make my presence felt in the social circuit! Such race, to be there in limelight,  never was on priority list, so it makes me think that I should have hold back myself in some situations instead of making them so evident. Basically, I feel it's time to look at those small things of life, watching which I grew up & got a better understanding of life.

Well 2010 will be remembered as a year that had an inclination towards negativity than positive news. But it will definitely make me stronger as a person in future. Professional life is on track and hope the leap would reap something better than ever. Personal life remained not-so-happening as usual complex. So one of my new year plan is to have clarity in the personal life. Well, no clich├ęd resolutions, but getting into some good health and learning few new languages is also on the list of things to do. December was a quite a busy  month with my birthday being the most hectic one. But the work kind of gave me some new pulsating energy and made me like it. 'Hope' will be a non-existent word in my dictionary next year onwards. Concluded that it really does not have any meaning nor it has any importance in life. 

Wishing you all 365 happy days with each day having a story to tell & a memory to share (and less rain;).