Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Where are You!

Life's moving on, so are the timelines, priorities and responsibilities. I don't know where exactly life's moving towards. I am very much aware of the fact that where my professional life heading towards, where my priorities lie and where I belong today. 

Your life is the sum of the choices you made. I made some correct ones, so many wrong ones. But do all those have any significance today or will they impact tomorrow! Sometimes I feel I am just keeping my pace up with the race that I am a part of today. The so-called term "value-addition" that I read & lectured some uncountable times during my MBA, is looking so hazy today. May be I need to have few add-ons in my professional life to make it up for the void that I feel inside me. May be I need to go back to the basics and start doing few corrections in my priorities. May be I am sounding weird, may be I need treatment, but I really do not believe that I stand at the wrong end.

I don't know, but I feel that I need to give more time to 'me' which is on an ever diminishing mode since long. May be that's going to give me some clarity, may be that's going to show me where I am, where I am moving on and where do I stand in my life.

Peaceful Eid & Happy Ganesh Puja [miss those golden and much anticipated Ganesh Pujas I was a part of during my school/college days with new clothes :( ]