Monday, November 21, 2011

It's Insane ...

It does not happen always that a guy like me will go to watch a movie thrice, it has happened earlier when I had to make it twice owing my commitments to friends and girlfriends and 'other' friends. But this time, I am just stuck with this flick. Though I was eagerly waiting for Imtiaz's next after his last three worthy projects, I was not prepared to travel through this insanely awesome journey of love. When I saw it first two days post its release, I just had one guy commenting that this is worth watching, specially for its climax. And the rest said that the director goofed up in the climax. Nobody spoke bad about the movie though. Masands, Komals & others didn't say bad either. So I entered the theater with an open mind and just for Imtiaz. 

Then the next 159 minutes were possibly the best Imitiaz has portrayed so far in his career. 'Rockstar' is not so much the rock as it is about an individual. It's about a man's journey through a span of 8-10 years where his personal & professional life goes through so much. Yet the beauty is Ranbir who plays the central character Jordan has not even blinked (literally too) once from start to finish. Thus delivering probably his one of the best acts which will be remembered with his name forever. The movie's biggest strength apart from Ranbir is some unforgettable music my the maestro A.R. Rahman. He has created 13 tracks for the movie out of which 3 instrumentals also found place in the movie. And Imtiaz has given space to almost 9 and a half songs in his narrative. (Mohit has 'shines' in being Jordan's voice). And, he never termed and treated this is as a musical. Equally dramatic are the visuals. Not just the gorgeousness of Prague or the motorbike jaunts through the snow-capped hills, but each time Jordan went on stage. 

Just like Rahman's lasting music, the movie stays with you long after you leave the theater. (Let me also add a note about some meaningful lyrics by Irshad Kamil who penned down words from Gulzar-school-of-thoughts, you may not able to recollect the lyrics easily, but they never sound just-everyday-affair). And Imtiaz does this trick unlike most of the formula-driven cliched movies. No melodrama yet no over the top coming-the-age narrative. The movie has a non-linear screenplay suiting to its narrative which is quite coherent. Editing has become quite crisp as compared to the last movie (Love Aaj Kal) by the director. The supporting cast has been the weak link apart from a couple of characters. So Ranbir is the army, general & the king of Imtiaz's project. He plays a guy who is naive, often clueless, hardly ever has the answers for situations happening with and around him. He is guys who never found words to express himself, who never found opportunities, who never understood stardom, never realized that life's just temporary. And oh boy, the way he carried himself and played his character, SPEECHLESS. He pulled off the entire act with his sheer acting prowess. He now surely justifies the tag which is being attached next to his name for quite some time... 'the next big thing'.

No cacophony of sounds, no unnecessary background score to propel the screenplay forward, no add-on subplots for an easy route to the end. This is how a love story needs to be told. Soul stirring. No fake narrative. It has not become a clap-trap or a crowd-pleaser. Such a heartfelt attempt. The two real winners of this movie are Imtiaz and Ranbir. This would remain as one of the most important movies in their careers and would certainly take them to the next level.

So if you ask me, how many stars this movie should be getting.... I would say you gotta watch it atleast 3 times and decide for yourself. You won't repent.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

It Happens, Actually...

Actually I was kind of used to it. I was used to the everyday pain, complications and people around me going through a range of emotions. It was not just a day or two that it was happening. It was happening since a long time, some ten odd months is actually not a long time. But it seemed to be. It is the suffering that made simple things look so complicated, it made the entire process so tiresome, it basically made the days longer than they actually were.

Life was not the same anymore. The family had to stay calm; they knew it was inevitable with each passing day. But who wants to accept certain truths of life and just move on. Practically, it was impossible. At the same time it was also impossible to accept what was waiting. I was just a passive observer throughout. Expressionless, as usual. Life has told me once again to stop expecting. I never had actually, but when things go beyond our control, we become terribly submissive. To a point where, even the Gods/Goddesses feel that we all have become artificial suddenly in front of them. Then this is life! Who are we kidding anyway; do we have any control on our life? The answer is a clear NO. Sometimes I wonder where exactly we have reached with our development in medical science, our progress in technology. All this really does not work sometimes. These ‘sometimes’ decide a lot in our lives. Or should I say life and death. Everything fails.

We realize the effect of presence of someone the moment we see the person is no more around. However unavoidable the situation is, we still pray that something happens in the end. A home without a person, who is the central binding force, is a home that becomes hard to define. It loses its identity. And the person is a mother, a wife. She plays multiple roles in multiple situations going through so many emotions and stress. It’s just too damn tough to be the backbone of a family and easily slip into so many roles without a hitch. Her absence is almost unbearable; her absence cannot be filled by anyone.

That afternoon was not expected. Almost eleven months of dedicated treatment, so many promises by (so-called) renowned doctors and uncountable hopes in the heart was actually not enough. Jinu called me, I was completely into work. Maa Aau Nahi re…

Neither could I think anything that time nor could I book the tickets for him thanks to our great Indian airline system that made tickets so expensive that an economy class ticket was costing the same that of London return fares. He left next morning though, he saw Mausi last on 14th November. It was just 5 days since he came back. Just 5 days.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I Can't Explain ...

I have lived a life with so many colours that it keeps me grounded. I've always remained grounded. So grounded that couldn't help my sibling get a job, being in a profession where I design seductive CTCs and sometimes take more than a dozen interviews a day. I failed to help him, that's the bottom line. Period. And I talk about my network, feeling so proud of them. More than ever. Tell you what, life is on such a fast ride that I have just become a puppet in its hands. My objectives have become - getting a seat in the 9:10 local (else screw your a** standing for an hour, wonder how some morons sit till the train literally stops at CST), reaching my workstation by 10 AM (where 'sometimes' the no. of hours you spend in front of the PC is directly proportional to the percentage hike in March), call a bunch of morons as colleagues without a choice, then catch a train from THE most busiest station with humidity touching atleast 90% day in and day out, then reach home to discover that Chapatis are too thick to eat, then some mandatory calls with a lots of artificial smiles and lies because the  person in front will be disturbed with any deviations from a normal ideal lifestyle, then watch some of Arnab/Rajdeep/Barkha (I equally love Vikram/Sagarika/Shirin) and finally hit the bed thinking what exactly I've added to my LIFE than to just my pre-designed and programmed KRAs.

Hey, I'm not cribbing about my life, I got a great boss n some outstanding people around, few amazing friends, a decent paycheck on the 1st of every month (if no errors happen by my own team!), CCD outings n my lovely Devil's Own (thanks Nivi), and my Mumbai... This city is insanely awesome. It still holds me with its splendour even after 6 years.

And I fight with my best friend over whether Bheendi should be a menu in dinner right inside a mall, I let my brother sleep with mosquitoes after telling him that he's my favourite, I let my colleague handle the same things after being a repeated offender in committing the same mistakes infinite times. I don't do all these deliberately, then why do I do!

I miss my parents every day, since past 6 years. Then what options do I have! I can't go there, they don't like staying here and we just are stuck in this missing game. I miss all those places I've stayed and all those people I've met during each such hot afternoon like today. Remember such November afternoons with just Mom n brother around (on holidays, I never loved my schools though), doing almost nothing apart from bullying my brother and showing that I'm the big bro of the house. Today, I just sleep and look outside my window pane, check old mates in Facebook [and some regular profiles that gives you the kick;)], think about what's in store at the workplace the next day, call people who needs to be called... and those who used to be your everyday buddies are called after being put as reminders in the calendar :(

I call myself a 'positive' person when asked to describe in a word when an interviewers ask me, people around me find that I can tackle situations with ease (only I know that a solution to all the problems are a distant possibility). But that is not the truth entirely, and you can see that in what I write. Each time I promise that I'll write about happiness, celebration and joy, I end up writing about things around me which influences me and my actions. And more or less they do sound negative, even if they are not. Not able to help it, helpless and hapless.

I am tired, plain tired. Just tired of the life I am leading. I never had these 2-year or 5-year plans-of-actions but with such a life where every hour has an objective attached to it, where am I heading! I am not scared of the responsibilities, deadlines or the relationships. I have never been an escapist. But the question is ‘at what cost’! With each passing day, the answer to that question is becoming difficult to think of. And that exactly is what killing me from inside. The answer definitely can not be to leave and go for a self-discovery trip, it can also not be just go back home with some business plans (had proposed around half a dozen so far to Dad only to get rejected). May be, I am not a 10-6 (assuming 8 hrs of work per day as per the Labour Law) guy, but again till the time I am not the son of Mr. Mallya I do not have the liberty of doing what I love and loving what I do (not stealing this from RIM, you morons).

I used to rule the world
Seas would rise when I gave the word
Now in the morning I sleep alone
Sweep the streets I used to own
- Coldplay