Sunday, December 11, 2011

Year End Blabberings...

December has been quite a likable month for me as an individual. Birthdays (yes, I do celebrate on two days), Goa trips, Christmas fever and the year-end retrospections. All these constitute to my special liking to this month. The list is long though, will try to put them all here today. The last year and half has been crazy. The work schedule is insanely hectic. Just one trip to home. Little brother has been a part of Mumbai off late. I have become one more year older. Mumbai is still surprising me. New additions in buddies, new CCD mates, new perfumes. No significant addition to my gadget list though. A better maid, a great boss and best of the times in South Bombay. Same room-mate, same health and same relationship status. Seems I have been consistent in certain elements in my life. Still missing 25th of December, the day I said someone that I like her. This year it completes 12 years of this brave act, out of which I’ll be celebrating my 5th as a single! I’ll be into my 7th year in Mumbai in next year and same no. of years without using a mosquito-net ;)  This year has given few good movies worth remembering, but some of them are worth keeping in the library. Facebook addiction has touched new heights including the no. of logins of mine per day. Virtual networking has found a great share of space in each of our lives in the ever-diminishing time span for our closed and not-so-closed ones. I can only miss the days when I could not even wait till evening to go out to meet the friends (never had a schedule or plan), was out of the home by 4 in the evening. Also the years I spent in dating. I, in my own capacity, have redefined dating during ‘my days’. Aahhh, memories! The coming back time was completely dependent upon Dad’s deadline-fear and teacher’s homework-fear. And the everyday naggings. Life was so simple and uncomplicated yet so smooth without the smart phones and the Facebooks. Sometimes I wonder if growing up is such a curse!

Next year will see the list of married people increase with some of my buddies falling into the trap with a smiling face, ‘might’ as well see me working out the budget for some honeymoon packages for myself. Though I still am not able to comprehend the requirement of ‘marriage’, but people around me have made it almost inevitable. The New Year will also see me handling a bigger team in workplace and some additional responsibilities. And some new records by Sehwag and the Sachin, the eternal God. Some more scams by netas and adjournments in the parliament. Employees in organization still cribbing and comparing other firm’s culture based on some random ‘Best Companies to Work For’ surveys. It will also test me as a lethargic traveler in the most irritating traffic of Mumbai to our new Corporate Office. I won’t write that I am tired or anything similar to that. But will definitely reiterate that the idea of a trip to an unknown destination is on my mind.

New years in chilling winters are such lovely feelings to happen to mankind, alas Mumbai never had that. Just another day, another morning.