Friday, February 18, 2011

Never-ending "Hopes"

When is the time that we lose 'hope'? Do we ever lose 'it'? I mean, more than once we say that I lost hope on this or that or almost everything. But while saying that we still have that 'hope' inside us which very categorically tells that anyhow we will make something out of the situation. Losing 'hope' has been a pretty common thing, more so these days. To be bluntly honest, we actually never lose 'it', we just say it for two simple reasons: either we do not have the skill or courage to find a solution for a particular situation or we just want to make a noteworthy statement. I do not see a third option here. Because, for years we have lived on this one thing, 'hope'. So it is simply not possible that one can just say that 'I have a hopeless life' or 'he is a hopeless brother' or 'this is a hopeless job'. Infact, nothing is 'hope'less till the time we tag it so. To put it in a pretty raw format - We sleep every night just with a simple 'hope' that the next day would be a better one. So we do not stand anywhere to claim that the events that occurs on a particular day as 'hope'less, instead we should find a way out of them. And I believe this is where attitude does play a vital role which differentiates between those love the blame-game and those who work their way out of situations thrown at them. It's not just one song that made Bryan Adams an icon who he is today, it's not those tons scored by Sachin (so many of them for a losing cause) that made him a God today, it's not just the adjectives Harsha Bhogle uses or the shows he does made him a great person to listen; it's their dedication, their attitude to stick to something they always believed in and their 'hope' to take the skill in whatever field they are to the next level which made them a brand today. We all hope, that tomorrow will be a better day. But all we do is leave it upto others to make it. It just can't work that way. If a society, a city or nation works, it is the people who make it work. It is the people who make it look good, bad or ugly. 'Hope' is the first step and working on it, is the second. The result will always be one thing: sweet. I could have written success but not all the time the result becomes a success no matter how much hard work has been put in, but whenever you give your everything, the experience will always be 'sweet' and that will culminate into a new & a larger 'hope' again, which in turn will give birth to aspirations. All these things are interlinked and provokes us to go higher in life in whichever field we are and in whatever way it is possible.

February denotes a lot of celebrations, but being away from family constraints them. My regular diary entries somehow did not leave me with anything to put in the blog. Mumbai's a bit cold this year and sweeter than ever before. And writing this entire thing with a feverish body, a nostalgic heart due to the slow afternoon breeze and a mind full of old memories is what makes the life so painfully perfect. 

Oh Lord, give me that time machine!