Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Switch on the Music!

Just one clean beat… that’s it. That’s more than enough to get me going. That strumming of guitar, that passage of the song where you go to a different world, those punches that sets you up. Right up there. The crooning, drooling & velvet voices. Music. It’s just 10 seconds, that all I need to like or dislike a track, some compositions are that strong. Some does take a bit more time, since they are like distant dreams. Not my dad, not my boss nor any important assignment or deadline, but only an awesome song can only wake me up in the morning. That’s how I can summarize my fixation, my addiction & my bond with music. My taste varies to almost all the genres, generations but with selective singers. Singing is a real talent man… I respect their community. So are the master lyricists behind each of such great songs. But the real genius is the man who creates everything, the composer. He is the ONE. Take a bow you Masters. What are you made up of! Won’t hesitate to write the cliché once again… Music is really my Life. Else, life will be without all those tiny little instruments that combines together to create one great sound.


The World Cup is entering its knock-out stage in less than 24 hours and so far it’s not only been boring with minnows all around you but our very own Men in Blue making our mood go blue as well. Half of the matches appeared as if they are fixed to provide optimum entertainment value. Even the TRP so far is still less than IPL, seems entertainment is the only way forward. Modi boy, you destroyed everything in pursuit of hungama & now we are addicted! Bravo!


Last 45 –odd days have been so hectic that I am not even in touch with any of my moronic buddies or for that matter family. Complaints getting registered everywhere (non-bailable warrants). It’s only mobile Facebook through that is keeping me alive as to what’s happening around. Else, I am into complete darkness in the social circuit. Marriage spree is on with people getting married as soon as they are getting leaves from their organizations. With my schedule, it seems I have to work it out on a Sunday (have to apply for it a year in advance with a proper hand-over and responding to calls even when you are on the mandap!). But still a long way for that, sigh! Journey to office in the morning has become such an awesome war-like-situation that everything else for next 2 hours inside the office looks so colorless! Now the journey will increase by 45 minutes by next quarter, and I am surely not loving it by any chance but love for the job is bit on a higher side. So far so good. Tired now. Where’s the music!