Saturday, April 2, 2011

This Is The Day...

Waiting since 1992. Because that's when I started understanding this game. Since then have witnessed 5 of this mega event, each with its share of emotions attached to it. Won't talk about our performances in each of its edition. Coz that's past, let's not live in past records anymore. Let's not just look at that ever-happy moment of Mr. Kapil Dev lifting that cup, let's not keep feeling bad of how close we were to lift the same 8 years back. It's been close to 3 decades since we won our only World Cup, been close to 2 decades of my loyalty with it & nearly a decade of mourning of being so close. I would be watching this World Cup as a bachelor for the last time. The God himself might be playing his last World Cup (but surely not retiring) and this edition will see a lot of Greats of our generation playing for one last time who will be remembered always in the history of this addictive, hysteric & great game called Cricket. If there's anything that completely stops the 1.2 billion people functioning, it's this game. The amount of love, anticipation & power that it generates can never be equaled any other in this country. And in the era of Cricktainment, it is only going to increase. Though we have grown up enough to give space to other sports to grow, but none of them will ever match the magnitude of Cricket's penetration in India. The day has come to redeem what we deserve, the day has come to decide our own fate and stop saying that you are playing for a man who himself is playing for the country for last 22 years. Play for yourself, better yourself & play for the country. The national anthem in the beginning of the game is more than enough to charge up & hearts of Indians all over the world will be beating with each of your boundaries & each wicket taken.

Let the show begin with that sweet sound of ball hitting the bat and racing to the boundary in no time. No need to bleed blue or red. It's time to rise to the occasion. Finals. Mumbai. Wankhede. 33137 die-hards inside. Noise. Bring them on.