Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Quarter of Missed Heartbeats...

It's been a grueling past few months with almost every possible thing happening in the workplace. Have always tried balancing both the personal & professional life, but last 3/4 months has made me almost a machine. It has programmed me to the needs of various departments, people & the organization as a whole. It's not that I am not liking it, though it's too damn hectic, but what I realize is I have started missing few things that was/is on my priority list. Won't blame anyone apart from me, for not being able to balance it out.

Had taken few but effective initiatives in the ever going to attempt of 'Change Management'. It is a constant process and will take long. Aligning mindsets, overcoming the resistance to change & accepting differences are my core areas to work for these days. With my little and negligible experience in the corporate world compared to other Gurus, but loaded heavily with my experience of understanding and analyzing people, I look forward to take baby steps. I am okay in going slow, but not going backwards or not giving up in the middle. I know it that one thing which is key in any Change Management process is - Patience. One needs a lot of that while expecting a change. So everyday I am honing that skill, will need to take it to such a level where setbacks will not make me feel negative anymore. Started celebrating small victories in this ongoing process instead of waiting for some IBM or GE like turnaround. I am not saying their examples have become overrated or clich├ęd, but I surely know that my organization surely not belongs to 'that' league. Just finished a workshop on the same theme - Navigating CHANGE. It seems to have some impact on the employees. A good start which needs to be carried forward. 

The IPL is going on and on, so is the daily schedule. But Mamta & Jaya really made their presence felt in the democracy. Missed my blog for 44 days before could write something. Mamma says I am not calling her regularly, says I am changing. Bro is of the opinion that I kind of forgotten him, changing. People around saying my priorities are changing. The fact of the matter is no one likes to change, it's just about accepting differences and little bit more understanding. Belated Happy Mother's Day and all those Birthdays I missed. One tight hug to you all.