Thursday, July 21, 2011

Till When...

Well, this post is not the result of anything that has happened a week back. My 6 years stay. 3 such moronic acts. That’s like once every 2 years. Now no one is immune to it, but we all have become used to it. We are used to it so much that it’s just like any other thing that keeps happening. These have become like either a pre-diwali or a post-diwali event for a group of people. I will again reiterate that I am no way influenced with the last event that happened, but yes, I am just sick of the events happened throughout the last decade or so. It starts right from the top, Kashmir, to every part of the country. Today we have no identity of terror unlike few years back when we very proudly used to discuss about a particular community or religion. Let’s not give terror the colour of green, saffron or white. That’s irrelevant.

The best part with us is that we are so used to all these that we tend to forget everything next morning. Else, when India wins a Cricket match or we see a masala movie or get a seat in the peak hours in the local train. These small things make us forget everything. We may not accept it, but this actually is the truth. It’s not just me but a majority of us today feel quite indifferent towards these events not because of the frequency of these acts but mainly due to some or all of the following:

  • First of all, we need to stop terming Mumbaikars or for that matter people of any city ‘Resilient’ and keep on saluting the ‘fighting spirit’. It is our livelihood that that gets us back on the track the very next day. We are actually helpless. We are helpless at the hands of the administration. We go back to work because we need to survive; we do not go back because we want to show our strength. Instead we have become so weak that we do not even have the courage to go out and help those who become the immediate victims of these attacks. We run for our life and catch the next transport mode and rush in to our homes to survive. But survive till when, till the next blast!

  •  We are at the mercy of a bunch of inept politicians who are our administrators. Such massacres are primarily happening in big cities instead of Tier – C or D cities, where we boast of the best possible security. I pass through one of the biggest stations in India everyday which should ideally have strong security system, more so when it has been targeted just 2 years back. But today, its security can again be caught sleeping thanks to the sloppy and laidback attitude. Its safety will continue to remain at stake till it gets attacked again. Precisely, this is the situation at almost all the places in cities where the security is beefed up only when it is attacked.

  • Today we are sick, hapless, tired and incapable of taking any step in ensuring our own safety because the entire administration is corrupted. We do not have a choice to choose whom to elect as our able leader as everyone them is in the same boat. Today we decided that surviving a day is our main objective. But with this attitude, where exactly are we heading to? And more importantly, what kind of world are we going to present to our children. They will grow with fear, insecurity and helplessness from the outset.

  • It just cannot happen that terror comes into our town without the help of anybody. This is, for sure, a nexus between our politicians, the police and people masterminding it from outside. This might sound as a big allegation against our system that is there to guard us, but the truth is they have failed to do so for some uncountable times. This is happening again and again and everyone’s just watching it as if we really do not have any solution to it. If terrorism is such a global phenomenon, why its frequency is so rare in countries US, UK, Australia, China or for that matter in places like Dubai!

We cannot say the people have moved on and will continue doing so. They are angry, disgusted and hurt. They are made to feel like this time & again. I might sound quite odd but I somehow feel that as a helpless citizen we might go the Rang De Basnti way. We might end up taking up charge in our hand and showing our leaders the road to God. It may not be the only or the ideal way out but with time it will become the most practical or workable way out. I, as a citizen, have decided not run home the next time I survive. I’ll be there for those who will again be indirectly attacked by our administrators.