Wednesday, December 26, 2012

When Would It Stop!

Today when I open the newspaper or switch on to a news channel, I do not get surprised by the reporting of the crime that is happening every single day. But what saddens to the core is the quantum and the way of committing them. We are not only degrading as a society, but at the same time we are putting ourselves in the dock where we will be questioned about our morality and our ethics. And we are same country which boasts of culture, ethics and values of 5000 years old. I used to be uncomfortable in my growing years reading about rapes and then I became ashamed of such cases. Today, I am simply tired with repeated anguish. Such incidents started questioning the law and order that we have in place, it questioned the judiciary system we have but more than anything else, it questioned my belief in my fellow countrymen. 

The next thing that we discuss is the self-protection tools for women. They should carry chilly powder, a knife, a gun, get trained in Karate and what not. And these statements are being released by Head of Police, Head of State & Home Ministers who are supposed to be the saviors. But my question here is, why does a woman need to carry all these stuff when her counterpart can roam around freely. Does her gender make her vulnerable or being a woman entitles you to remain in a state of fear of everyone around. At this rate, a girl will only have to stuff packets of chilly powder & guns in her wallet in times to come.

We are already living in a country where we are running uncountable campaigns to save the girl child and yet we are failing to do so. And where does such incidents drive us, what kind of message are we giving? That even if someone musters the courage against a panchayat to have a girl child, only to kept her in the closet, not to be given proper education, to meet the demand for the dowry, to keep her away from talking to her male friends or use a mobile. More so, to be treated like this when she steps out of home in the evening. This is not anymore sad, this is plain 'sick'.

Finally, when I sit and look at ways to curb such a heinous act, I feel neither death sentence nor a policeman in every corner will help us overcome this. Because no death sentence has stopped people killing each other and bombs have exploded right in front of Police Headquarters. It all begins from home, it all lies in the education. It's our upbringing & the education that helps us look at a women in a way that is respectful. And we, the males, are no one to give them respect, they deserve it as much as we do. I am sure that nothing can help stop such acts as it all lies within. For I know women are raped on their own beds behind four walls and no policeman can ever enter there.