Thursday, October 31, 2013

Of Hate, Complacency & Detachments!

11 years is not a small time and when it comes to politics, it is really a long long time. Rivals change, so are the friends. But then all the national and regional parties in India are united in one thing: bashing Narendra Modi for what happened in 2002. Yes, mistakes were made, some grave ones. But is Congress the right watchdog to raise the voice after the 1980/Moradabad, 1984/Bhiwandi, 1985/Gujarat etc. during their rule. Here is a complete list of our disgusting achievements of past and how many riots have happened under their rule to make things clear. 

But at the same time, the same Gujarat people have voted Mr. Modi back to power thrice (twice post riots). At the same time, Gujarat has developed the most under his leadership (I am not endorsing the over-hyped "Gujarat-Model"). At the same time, he has been garnering interest from a large portion of the country. Now all these amounts to a phobia that had caught on to the opposition party. And BJP knows it pretty clearly that 2014 would be their last shot at the centre with the diminishing hold they have in last few years. In a nutshell, if Modi won't be able to pull it off, no one will for BJP ever post 2014.


I have forecasted about the way Nokia was taking its customers for granted and the surge of Samsung during 2007/08 when people around me were sarcastic of my loyalties towards Samsung. They were pretty proud of their half-a-kilo Nokias with awful display but a great battery in the back. Samsung reworked its R&D team, the network and reincarnated itself during 2009/10. Also, during that phase the Indian upper class (read Businessmen/Politicians) were into something called Blackberry. It became the staple phone for those who wanted secured email communications and no one snooping them. Well, there obviously was no one who they could have suspected until Julian Assange ;) I was laughing out loud looking at their helplessness when it was revealed that just how much US knows about them.  

Cut to 2013. I know that number 13 is not a great number according to many, but today, we have both Nokia & Blackberry sold out! Reason : Complacency! Nokia always thought that there is only category of consumers whereas Blackberry assumed email functionality in a phone is all that people want. Now, without sounding as a Samsung loyal, I need to tell this - Constant Innovation & Multiple Options, are the reasons which made Samsung rise to the top. And there is Apple who have always been a pioneer of innovation in cutting edge technology. Because technology is a field where you just can not afford to sit back and presume what consumers can use, you need to understand their expectations and go beyond that. Then only you will be trusted and anticipated as a brand to own.


You have been instrumental in telling those dead parts in my body that life is not over yet. I won't say I had reached a dead-end but I was slightly clueless. You helped me contain my sanity. I jumped into a journey with you without a hint of tomorrow. But then bonding with a 'kite' was never a practical way forward as the two can never get along all the way. But why I'm blabbering all these! I never repent. I move on, atleast people around me think so. Let that perception continue. One last thing but a fact: "You were there for me, when no one was there." 

I'm becoming vulnerable to breaking down these days than ever. Parents being so far and fear of leaving such an awesome city. The maximum city as they say. And one insane brother. I'm confused being at the crossroads. Last few weeks have been tough. Only my pillow soaked all those moments silently. Leaving closed ones ain't easy. And I've to learn all these lessons of restructuring the life time and again. Don't do that. But then all those old lanes, old friends and old stories are waiting. Need to re-live them. After all, the real pain originated from there.