Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Arrogance of Clarity

I have often been accused of being arrogant.

Quite frankly, I never thought that about myself. But the ‘perceptions’ of people around you, about you, can be intimidating enough to feed into your personality, more than what you can imagine. During my graduation, most of my fellow batch mates thought that I am arrogant for I opted for an Honors subject, which was niche, and different from other typical subjects, in more than one way. Some even thought I didn’t want to mingle around. To me it was a simple decision, as I didn't think that I was a fit in the Science stream, so I opted for the Arts & Humanities – subject of particular interest being ‘English literature’. MBA was no different. Some thought that I stay aloof because I am ‘Arrogant’, whereas I had been taking my time to adjust myself in a different city, around different people, and in a different culture as such. Eventually as time passed, I became comfortable and even created a small world for myself with a selected bunch of friends. Now when I look back, I think I spent more time in discovering myself during my MBA days, instead of spending time with other souls around that I didn't know well.

That was a choice that I made.

I think I don’t like changes - even though I somewhere know that the ‘change’ is the only constant, an eventuality. I have always preferred to stay around people that I know. I love the patterns of my life, and am immersed in the rules I set for myself. I start missing my home, my bed when I’m away - become claustrophobic around the unfamiliar. But that definitely doesn't mean that I haven’t been adaptive. Today, I am in a profession that revolves around handling people, and I have continued to do this for the last 6 years, fairly well too. I could start a conversation had I wanted, but I like to keep it sugar-free. I may not be ‘that-interesting-guy’ you meet in a pub or at a mall, but I think I am a good enough company!

Yes, I am an introvert. But I like it that way.

In a nutshell, some of these attributes possibly could have contributed to the perception people tend to make about me. Well, they may not be entirely wrong. May be I was arrogant. May be I am now too. I avoid by sitting in a corner, those terribly boring social gatherings, where nothing but superficiality rules in clich├ęd conversations. And if I’m led to accept this allegation in any case, then I will accept it.
I was always sure of what I was doing; and will be doing. Whenever I have done any wrongful act, I have accepted it downright. Hence, I never felt like explaining my actions to those who do not matter or for that matter, questioning anyone’s perception about me.

And oh yes by the way, I call it the arrogance of being precise always, ‘Arrogance of Clarity’.

(This post of mine was initially published at Soulscribe)