Wednesday, November 19, 2014

An Old Tomorrow

I am not able to blog. Blog regularly. This used to be "my space". A space where I used to vent, shout & seek peace. I still want to do that. But I am not able to write. My reading habit too, is on a decline. I was doing so many thing when I was busy, now I am not able to do half of it with double the time in my hand. I am not able to meet my evenings, the ones which used to energise me. I am not able to sprint hundred yards to catch my next destination. Are things slow around? Yes they are, they will be. I was ready for this transition, but was not ready for people becoming unknown entities. May be I thought I am getting into a more real world, only to realise artificially has made its way deep into my old place. People have turned into something that I am not able to comprehend. My nights are stretching into oblivion.

Are these my complaints? Am I unhappy? Who defines 'unhappiness' index? And what makes us 'happy' in real terms? I try to look at things in 'larger perspective'. But here the 'perspective' itself is missing. I feel I am hanging in the interstellar medium after being sent to that world by Christopher Nolan. Now what frightens me is that will I be able to come back to the real world, because there is no coming back from the fifth dimension.

An 'old' tomorrow is coming nearer. Hope, dear heart. That's what is left.