Monday, March 6, 2017

This a nyc post... read & njy mah frndzzzzz

What has happened to us? Especially, in last few years where technology has barged into our lives and has made a permanent place. We have messed up few of our habits, from not speaking to someone and staying glued to our mobile handsets to writing a language which this particular planet, which we call Earth, has never invented.

Sample the below conversation.

“R u k?”
“Ys, m k”
“Nyc... Hw is evr1 @ home”
“Kul…... It is bn long we met”
“Ryt ya, lets meet ya”
“Bt u stay buzy alwys, no tyme fr frndzzzzzz”
“U r also buzy-types. Neva free…….”
“Anywys, lets catch ths weeknd.”
“BTW, wen u cum, get ma buk”
“K bye. Gn”
“C ya. Gnsdtc”

Before we even start talking about what we just witnessed above, what will be more surprising is that most of us read it almost everyday and have become normal with it, while many of us picked it up as well. Because we feel that till the time we can read and understand something, what is the need to be correct (not even perfect) about it. And before you jump into any conclusions, let me clarify that I am not at all making fun of people with bad English usage, this stand of mine is for every language. I feel greatly annoyed when someone speaks my native language in a weird and wrong way or keeps adding words from other languages in between it to make it sound cool. Sample below:

An Odia speaker (my first language, for my Odia friends):

How “they” are speaking : Mu aji car ride kariki jibi, because mora dinner aji outside re plan heichi.
What it can be : Mu aji car re jauchi karana mora aji dinner bahare karibara achhi.
It means : I will be taking my car tonight as I have planned my dinner outside.

A Hindi speaker:

How “they” are speaking: Ya, please do this no, tumhe pata toh hai na ki I dont like itne garmi mein bahar jana.
What it can be : Yaar tu yeh kaam kar dega kya, itne garmi main nahi ja sakti bahar.
It means : Hey, can you do this? You know I can’t go out in so much heat.

I have absolutely no issues with whatever language you use to converse, but stick to one at a time. There are bound to be exceptions for certain words like “Car” or “Bus” or “Table” or “Train” or “Computer” because the real names in vernacular medium is no more used for decades now. But when you mix Hindi with English and start calling it Hinglish, keep it to your inner circle only. Don't force that nonsensical literature on all of us. Who would understand that ‘doesn’ means ‘does not’. ‘Awesome’ has become ‘osum’, life/nice/like has permanently got an ‘Y’ in them - lyk, lyf, nyc. One post read - Dadzz budday bashhhh. Majority of these gems are found in Facebook who are often seen writing things like “Getting married with 27 others”, “getting engaged with 31 others”, “enjoying home food with 13 others” and “looking for intelligent life with XYZ”. When was the last time you were looking for intelligent life? This Facebook language has now become our way of writing in WhatsApp and that is also reflecting while writing emails or any other form of writing.

And a special mention for the hashtag lovers. Instagram started the hashtag culture but people have turned their regular lines into hashtag. Sample this:

#Lyf #Great #Brothersengagement #Happiness #Mehndi #Sangeet #Baingan #Tamatar #Dance #RainDance #MoreDance #GoCrazy #IDontKnowWhyThisLongHashtag #FML #BeautifulMe #ILoveMyself #OsumLyf

My dear friends, when I see my father or my first class teacher write few sentences even today, they never miss a comma or a full stop, let alone any spelling mistakes.  And if you feel that is old fashioned, let me politely remind you, the style of language may evolve but mistakes are mistakes. Rules can never become rulez, even if you drive a Mercedes or sip alcohol sitting on a 37th floor open air lounge.

I would attribute these howlers to the ones who started writing these gems behind their bikes some 12 - 15 years ago - “Mah lyf ….. Mah rulez”. It took some time, but then became a trend. Now we have full blown messages like - “I dont use breaks, becoz I dont fear death”. That’s a good progression not only on grammar front but also on the basic civic sense we possess over the years. We are not far away from a day when any correct usage of any language would be censored as Mr. Nihlani can only understand “Sinema is nly gr8, if it has atom songs bt no kissing sene over 10 secs” and Mr. Gajendra Chauhan, who has done 94 hours of Cinema in the form of a TV serial, would vouch for it.

*Chetan Chauhan would look at Gaj ji and Pahlaj uncle rating a movie from a distance and would smile while entering into a NIFT campus saying “kalaiyon ka sahi upyog”*

P.S. This is a post only bring a smile on your face and not offend anyone who actually writes like this, but if in case you get offended, then keep that offence with you, because - mah lyf, mah rulzz.

P.P.S. Do highlight if I have made any grammatical mistakes while writing this, would be happy to accept and rectify it :)